Car Insurance Quotes From Different Insurance Companies

use, your driving record or claims history, your statistical group and other factors.

The good thing about car insurance companies in South Africa is that there are basically three types of insurance to choose from. PSG Online offers flexible automobile insurance through various car insurance companies to cover losses such as theft, accident and third party liability.

Car insurance companies provide the following cover:

* Third party car insurance – Is the cheapest of the three and provides cover for any damage you may cause to other vehicles, and the accidental death or injuries of a third party caused by you in an accident. This does not cover you against the loss of, or damage to your own vehicle.

* Third party, fire and theft car insurance – This covers against damage, death or injury to a third party caused by you in an accident. This also includes compensation for loss due to attempted theft, theft or hijacking of your automobile, and damage to your vehicle that was caused by fire, lightning or an explosion.

* Comprehensive car insurance – This covers just about any risk your car is going to be exposed to, regardless of whether it is parked or in motion. Comprehensive also includes roadside assistance, medical assistance, towing and storage depending on the type of comprehensive cover you choose.

* Additional options that can be added to your motor insurance policy include car hire and cover for non-standard sound systems or other car accessories.

Regardless of which car insurance policy you choose, make a point of reading and understanding the inclusions and exclusions. Fortunately, car insurance companies in South Africa are very diligent in their disclosures. Should you have any questions while working through the various clauses, ask your broker for clarification before making a final commitment.


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The PSG Online auto insurance quote system gives you several comaparative car insurance quotes from different insurance companies.

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