Obtaining Business Insurance

you that is larger than your limits of coverage in your General Liability or Commercial Auto policy. The good news is that since the umbrella policy is secondary, the premium can be very inexpensive. What is even better, it may be possible for you to lower your limits on your General Liability or auto policy to something less than million, purchase a to million umbrella policy and save money overall.

Disability Insurance

Since you’re a business owner, you should also carry some kind of disability insurance. There are various kinds of disability insurance available that are tailored to the needs of business owners. All of them involve paying premiums now to cover your lost income if you become disabled or unable to carry on your business. If your business is dependent upon the expertise or knowledge of particular people in your company, you should also consider key person insurance. This type of plan helps to compensate a business for financial losses due to the death or long term disability of a key person. The insurance provides additional funds to the business until the key person can be replaced, or until he or she returns to work.

Business Owner’s Policy

Properly covering your business is a complex task, involving multiple policies each of which has its own limits and exclusions. Many small business owners can satisfy many of these through a package policy known as a Business Owner’s Policy or BOP. Often the BOP policy is priced very competitively and allows some level of customization through purchasing of additional limits and coverages. It is only available for businesses up to a certain size – ideal for a small backflow contractor — and varies from carrier to carrier. You should ask your agent.

Reading an insurance policy contract can be a daunting task. Their structure can be very confusing and they are loaded with special definitions. Despite this, it is critical that you understand your coverages; your agent can help. However, when all is said and done, just like everything else in your business, the final responsibility rests with you, the owner.

Being a successful business person means being able to anticipate events and plan for the future. Business insurance is one way of ensuring that you’re in control of your future rather than being controlled by it. Unfortunately, there is no generic plan that will meet every small business person’s needs. You’ll need to shop around, just as you would for any product, to get the business insurance that’s most suited to you as a backflow contractor.


This article is intended to provide general information on commercial insurance for educational purposes only. The material here is not intended to provide specific recommendations for any individual business or type of business. Insurance is regulated in each state by that state’s Department of Insurance. Only a licensed Insurance Agent or Insurance Broker in your state is qualified to provide you with advice on your specific business insurance needs.

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