Term Life Insurance-economic Sense?

your budget. It doesn’t make any sense to go forward with any of these contracts if you aren’t going to be able to afford them.

Service: In determining the quality of each company’s service, you can do two things. If you are going through an agent, you’ll be determining the quality of that person’s service when you talk to them about the benefits of buying specific policies. The same is true if you buy directly from an insurance company without going through an agent. Do they answer your questions clearly? Do they seem to know what they are talking about? Do they leave out important information?

By considering at least three companies and/or agents, you’ll be able to compare their ability to answer questions and to give you their undivided attention. Along with interviewing potential agents and companies, you can check with your state insurance department to see how many complaints, if any, they have received concerning the company and/or agent.

Stability: An insurance company’s economic stability is directly connected to their ability to meet their future financial obligations. In other words, you want to make sure an insurance company will be able to pay your death benefit. The following companies rate insurance providers’ fiscal soundness.

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