Be Careful – You May Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Article by Tom Jones

Unless you come from some distant country, you probably already know that vehicle insurance is mandatory in the UK, but you may not have a clear picture regarding what sort of insurance you need. Unfortunately, pleading ignorance is not going to get you off the hook if you’re caught driving with the wrong type of cover.

Basically, even if you only use your van for business on the odd occasion, you will still be required to obtain commercial van insurance. In other words, if you use it for any purpose which results in you receiving payment, the law views the vehicle as being a commercial vehicle. In fact, if you’re ever involved in an accident, the police officers who arrive at the scene will inspect the inside of the vehicle, and if they notice anything which suggests the van was being used for business purposes, they’ll mention it in their report.

Remember, whenever you submit a claim to an insurance company, they always ask for the police report, and if they discover you were driving the vehicle on private insurance rather than commercial insurance, they are entitled to refuse payment.Of course if you’re in an accident which doesn’t involve anyone else, you may be able to avoid some serious trouble with the authorities, but if others have been injured, and you were at fault, you had better find yourself a good lawyer. Besides, there is not that much difference in price between regular insurance and commercial vehicle insurance, so it really isn’t worth taking any chances.

If you’ve had a quote before, and you feel it was way to high, then you’ve either not bothered shopping around, or else you’re failing to meet certain criteria. For example, does you van have an alarm and an immobiliser fitted? If not, you’re going to pay more for insurance no matter which insurance company you choose. After all, transit vans are the 10th most commonly stolen vehicles in the UK, which in itself already influences the cost of insuring them. As such, you need to satisfy the insurance company that you’re doing everything you can to keep your van safe from thieves.

Your age could also be counting against you. If you under the age of 25, insurance companies across the country are going to charge you higher rates than what they charge older drivers. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about this apart from shopping around for the best deal. It will also help if you manage to maintain a clean driving record, and if you refrain from submitting claims unless you absolutely have to.

If your van has been modified so that it can be used for a specific purpose, the cost of insurance will also be more. This is because it will cost the insurance company more if your van ever gets stolen. In fact, you should try to steer clear of all but essential modifications and/or accessories. The more standard your van is, the less you’ll pay for cover. When you start adding a hundred and one accessories, it doesn’t only mean your van will cost more to replace, but the risk of theft also increases, and of course insurance companies factor this in.

If you’re unsure as to whether or not you require commercial vehicle insurance, you can simply contact any insurance provider and explain your position to them. These companies have highly trained staff that will be able to advise you so that you can make the right choice.

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