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Article by Miles Henry

When a business owner first seeks to purchase insurance to cover various aspects of the operation, the requirements and choices become overwhelming. Questions cover every aspect of the type of business, property, and products that make up the company. Depending on the perceived risk associated with the business, the best business insurance NY has to offer might be a business owner’s policy. This type of policy combines the necessary insurance policies into one manageable umbrella policy that is tailored to the business needs which simplifies insurance reviews and coverage changes.

Operating a business without property and liability insurance is a sure way to end up losing everything you have worked so hard to gain through a natural disaster or frivolous lawsuit. Most financial institutions require property insurance on any building or equipment on which there is an outstanding loan. Liability insurance is meant to cover injury to anyone on the property, damage to other property, and professional injury claims associated with business activities. Attempting to maintain all the insurance types in individual policies would require a full-time employee to continually adjust the various coverage levels to cover the growing business.

Property, business interruption, liability, crime, vehicle, equipment breakdown and income loss policies are combined under the business owner’s policy. Insurance companies write business insurance NY to assist companies in preventing loss through adequate coverage while not overselling insurance to the business. Since the coverage within each category is easily visible within the business owner’s policy, the agent can work with the owner to evaluate the growth of the business and make adjustments each year. When new product and service lines are opened, the associated insurance coverage can be written into the policy without issuing another insurance policy.

Employee health insurance and worker’s compensation insurance are not included in the business owner’s insurance policy. These two types of insurance are offered from companies that specialize in healthcare provision and the liability aspects of injury to employees while on the job. The liability coverage for bodily injury on the premises that is in the business owner’s policy is for customers and another company’s employees who might be on the premises.

Large businesses with complex locations and offerings are not eligible for business owner’s insurance policies. In the 1970s, the insurance industry noticed that most business owners of smaller operations were avoiding the purchase of specialized liability coverage. When the umbrella policy is designed correctly, the coverage is optimized while restraining the overall cost of insuring the business. Individual policies would cost substantially more than the combined coverage under the business owner’s policy. Many of the largest national insurance companies offer these policies to help business owners maintain sufficient property and liability coverage on every aspect of their business to prevent losing their livelihood.

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