Car Insurance and Its Significance

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Car buyers are most of the time unaware of the fact that how importance this insurance is? Most of the car buyers prefer to ignore it while others fill up the insurance papers considering it as a legal requirement.

Car Insurance is one of the most ignored types of insurance in India; although is very fundamental component while purchasing car and it should not be neglected. This Policy not only covers the damages caused to you and your car but it also takes care of damage to the third party. Basically this insurance is classified into two types:

A] Comprehensive Policy B] Third Party Insurance

The comprehensive insurance is a type of insurance which gives full coverage and includes all kinds of damages like technical problems, dents, repair, thefts and accidents. As it covers most of the damages a new buyer is often recommended to go for it. However it is also important to ensure that your Plan also covers damage or loss caused due to natural calamity like earthquake, riot, explosion, fire, typhoon, tempest, storm, rockslide, flood, lightning or self-ignition, cyclone, hurricane, burglary, strike, malicious acts, inundation, frost landslide, inland waterway, theft, hailstorm, damage during transportation through rail, road, elevator, air or lift and now-a-days most importantly it should cover damage caused due to terrorist activity.

The third party insurance gives limited coverage under your policy but it is the one which is compulsory under the law. One type of third part insurance is known as ‘third party theft’ insurance. In this type of car insurance your car is insured against its theft but it doesn’t cover other aspects like damage to car and its repairs. However the premium to be paid in this type of insurance is less as compared to comprehensive insurance.

Before purchasing your dream car, it is of utmost importance to look at the details of insurance claims. Before Finalizing on any kind insurance plan take some time and look in to the facts properly. Most of the car dealers offer insurance at the time of car purchase but before negotiating make check for the rates and discounts available with them. To help its customers companies also offer Car Insurance Online. You have to check for quotes and then decide on which plan you want to go for.

Along with having continuity in your policy is also important. Any kind of gap in your policy will not be spared by insurance companies and you’ll have to pay extra premiums to get it on track. You can also check whether your plan covers cashless facility as this can save you from the hassle of reimbursement procedure

Finally before signing up for any policy just review it properly and look into the minute details like whether it includes all the things that you desire for in your car insurance. Moreover, your policy should abide with the legal requirements of the state.

Royal Sundaram offers Car Insurance Policy which is designed to offer enhanced protection to you and your car. Save 40% on your premium and enjoy the benefit of our hassle-free claims service.

Car insurance can be a great help in an uneventful incident like accident. So just go ahead and get your car insured!

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