Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers / SR-22 Insurance

High-risk car insurance has been the topic of debate for quite a while. People who are considered higher risk believe that costs are extremely high while car insurance companies think that these customers make up the largest expenditures and therefore have to foot the largest portion of the bill. While each side have an argument, you actually only worry about getting quality coverage at the cheapest. Often It is possible to get the cheapest rate so long as you understand the basics of high-risk car insurance.

High-risk car Insurance: What’s a High-risk Driver

Understanding how you’re looked at by auto insurers companies could help you get a better deal. Many auto insurers consider any person with the following to be of a highest risk.

* 3 convictions or guilty pleas for traffic violations in a year

* Driving under the influence or Driving while intoxicated conviction

* Hit and run conviction

* Reckless driving conviction

* Automobile negligence leading to a personal injury or death

These are the big ones which will get you on all insurers list of high-risk drivers. You might even consider a higher than normal risk by many companies when you fit the below conditions.

* Have filed a number of claims

* Show recent gaps in auto insurance coverage

* A first time driver

High-risk Car Insurance: Levels of Risk

As we discussed above, there are levels of risks. When you are just a new driver, you won’t be looked at on the same category as anyone who has recently had a DUI. In case you are on the lower rung of the ladder as far as risk, you could probably still get rather cheap policy by simply searching and taking advantage of savings. For example, as a young, new driver, you might be capable of getting a reduction in your policy by having high gpa’s.

If you’re the top of the ladder in terms of risk, things would be more difficult. A recent Drunk driving might force you to obtain what’s referred to as a SR-22. A SR-22 is a form that some states require you to file when you have had a DUI or some other serious traffic offense. Although they vary by state, the form generally offers proof that you have a specific amount of insurance. Several car insurance carriers desire not to deal with customers who are required to file SR-22.

High-risk Car Insurance: Choosing the Correct Insurance Company

Choosing the correct auto insurance company is much more important when you are a high-risk driver. There are many providers that penalize risky drivers more than others and some providers won’t even provide you coverage when your driving history is too irregular. Even so, you will find insurance providers that specialize in high-risk car insurance and you may most likely get better protection, service and prices from these types of insurers.


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