Commercial Vehicle Insurance in Texas

Auto Insurance:

Vehicle insurance is a contract page that is used to insure a persons vehicle. This can prove to be very useful when a new one is purchased. This can be applied for cars, trucks or any other vehicle. It is used to provide protection to the vehicle and the risk involved in driving it.

Compulsory Insurances:

The state of Texas forces the drivers to carry a few compulsory insurances. This not only protects their lives and vehicles it helps the state to protect the victim as well.

There are three compulsory insurances and they are named as Auto Liability Insurance, Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability. Since Texas is not a no fault state, the person who is responsible for the accident and injuries should personally take the responsibility for all the losses that he has incurred both to the state and to the victim. He can be sued in certain cases by the victim in order to recover money. For this purpose, all drivers must possess the auto liability insurance. This will enable them to cover all the losses that they have caused with their vehicles.


The next policy is the bodily injury liability. This will help the liability to pay an amount of 000 for an individual involved in the accident. If there are more than one person involved, then 000 are to be paid by the liability. Such is not the case if a person has commercial vehicle insurance. This type of insurance is provided to a person or firm with more than 5 vehicles. Hence discounts or concessions are provided to such firms depending on the insurance companies

Better late than never:

With so many advantages, commercial vehicle insurance is a must for every firm with a large number of vehicles.

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