Commercial vehicle insurance protects businesses

Article by Jason Hulott

Commercial vehicle insurance is needed insurance protection for owners and users of commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles are vans, business, cars, or equipment vehicles used in conjunction with a commercial or business purpose. Just as consumer motorists need insurance protection to cover their autos, business owners need protection to cover the repair and liability costs that are a part of operating and using a commercial vehicle.

Business owners need to consider both their coverage requirements and budgets when looking for the right commercial vehicle or van insurance for their vehicles. An insurer that specializes in commercial vehicle insurance is able to successfully communicate the various coverage options and costs to buyers. A business owner needs to consider their insurance requirements prior to the purchase of a commercial vehicle, if possible. Certain types of vehicles may require specific coverage. A customer should explore the benefits and costs of coverage and take them into consideration before purchasing a vehicle for commercial use.

Van and haulage are two of the more common types of commercial vehicle insurance. Many companies use vans as part of the every day performance of their business. Other companies haul equipment or other items to perform business operations. There are a variety of general and specialty commercial insurance plans available, however, to protect users of a variety of vehicle types.

While some features of commercial vehicle coverage are necessary and are unavoidable with regard to premium costs, there are some tips that are helpful in reducing costs of commercial vehicle coverage. The best way to reduce premium costs on an ongoing basis is to avoid claims. As is the case with all insurance protection, insurers base much of premium costs on the amount of risk for claim by the insured. Many commercial insurers offer discounts anywhere from 20-60% for no claims over time.

Another important factor that affects premium costs is the number of drivers covered by the policy. Some businesses have many drivers of their vehicles, but if a business can restrict the number of drivers of a specific vehicle, an insurer often offers big discounts if it only has to cover a few drivers.

For companies that carry goods, tools, or other items in their commercial vehicles (like the back of a van), commercial vehicle insurance does not cover these items. Some type of ‘goods in transit’ insurance protection is required if a customer wants to protect expensive tools or other business items. This cover would protect against stolen items, or items damaged in transit.

Commercial vehicle insurance costs add to the expense of doing business. However, the benefits of protection provide long-term viability that overcomes the up front premiums that owners pay. It is important the business owners consult with knowledge providers who specialize in commercial vehicle insurance protection. Experts in this type of protection can help find the right coverage benefits to protect the business from risk. They can also help customers find the most affordable solutions.

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