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Article by Todd Meyers

Planning on moving to Florida or visiting for a period of time? You might want to consider learning more about Florida vehicle insurance for your convenience. Laws vary from one state to the next and drivers may often be obliged to meet certain requirements that are unique to the area, so it’s important to know what regulations are in place so you can avoid any problems in the future.

In Florida, having vehicle insurance is mandatory for owners who will be registering and operating 4-wheeled vehicles. The car owner must buy minimum coverage at the very least in order to use a vehicle with a valid license plate in Florida. For protection against personal injury, the minimum amount allowable in Florida is ,000 and coverage has to be maintained continuously. The minimum required for property damage coverage is also ,000. Coverage must also be continuous. These coverages must be obtained by anyone who is a resident of Florida or who intends to stay in the state for a period not exceeding 90 days, non-consecutive, so long as it within a period of one year.

The personal injury coverage in Florida is a no-fault insurance, offering maximum coverage limit to the vehicle owner, whether or not they were at fault. The coverage also extends to children and household members, along with passengers who may not have personal injury coverage, provided of course that they don’t own a vehicle. This type of insurance offers protection to the policyholder who may be passengers in automobiles that belong to another individual. It also offers coverage for bicyclists and pedestrians who may be involved in motor vehicle accidents. The same coverage is also provided to children who may suffer from an injury as a result of an accident while riding the school bus. Your car’s passengers and its licensed drivers who operate your vehicle with your consent are protected by their own Florida vehicle insurance policy instead of your insurance policy.

The Property Damage Liability offers coverage for any damages to other people’s properties as a result of a car accident involving the policy holder or any member of his family. The Bodily Injury Liability is an optional insurance policy that may also be purchased to provide protection in case the policyholder becomes involved in an accident where he causes severe injury or even death. This type of coverage will even offer protection in case legal representation is required.

When buying Florida car insurance, make sure it is purchased from an agent who is qualified to sell it in the state, one who is affiliated with a licensed insurance company. Regardless of whether they sell insurance on-line or from a brick-and-mortar operation, Florida insurance companies are required to have a license to operate and often sell through their agents. Your agent can assist you in transferring insurance coverage to Florida if you choose to have your vehicle registered in the state.

One of the most important aspects of car ownership is automobile insurance. Without a coverage — or worse — not having sufficient protection can have devastating consequences. Whether you live in Florida or elsewhere, make sure that getting the right coverage is a priority.

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