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Article by Chelsi Woolz

Buying a home is generally considered a great investment. However, a surprising number of people fail to take actions to protect their investment. Any number of misfortunes can befall a home at great cost to the owners. A simple way to avoid excessive payment for damages is purchasing home insurance.

Home insurance is not required for homeowners unless there is a mortgage involved. However, most people opt to purchase home insurance anyway because its rewards far outweigh its costs. Most people end up needing at least some portion of their home insured at some point, and when the cost of the home is considered, it simply does not make sense to skip home insurance.

Home insurance generally covers the structure of your home. This should cover any damage that occurs from most accidents but not general wear and tear. Storms, fires, and other disasters are usually covered, whereas floods and hurricanes may be extra- it all depends on the individual policy you purchase. This also applies to other structures you have on your property such as garages. Home insurance is very important because no one is immune to these types of disasters.

Home insurance also encompasses your personal property such as the contents of your home. Furniture, clothes and other belongings are usually covered in the case of accidental damage, and this coverage can be very useful if you have some expensive items such as diamond rings. It is important to have appraisals of the most expensive items you own in order to prove their existence and worth. Some home insurance policies will replace these items even if they are lost or damaged outside of the home. Many people consider this a great incentive for purchasing home insurance.

Even if you are not worried about the damages that might occur to your property, home insurance is still a good idea because it covers damages that may be caused to others who are on your property, such as neighbors having an accident in your yard or if your dog attacks someone. This part of your insurance will cover your legal defense costs as well as any lawsuit money awarded to the victims. Lawsuits and legal bills can be quite steep so home insurance is worth it for this reason alone.

Many home insurance policies also cover your living expenses if you are forced to live elsewhere temporarily due to one of the damages listed in your policy. So if your home becomes uninhabitable for a period of time, home insurance will cover your hotel stay or temporary rent in another location while repairs are undertaken. In the midst of a disaster, numerous expenses crop up so living expenses are one less worry for those who have home insurance.

Buying a home is a major purchase and without insurance, you can set yourself up to lose a substantial amount of money. Home insurance helps you protect your investment and to rest easy without worrying about what unforeseen circumstances may occur. Home insurance simply makes sense for smart consumers.

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Buying a home is generally considered a great investment. However, a surprising number of people fail to take actions to protect their investment. AAMI is a leading home insurance and home building insurer.

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