Home Insurance Is Essential, Not Optional

Article by Dakota Lindal

Car insurance is quite easy to understand. You take out insurance on your car, your car is stolen or you are involved in an accident – your car gets replaced or fixed. So let’s apply this same logic to your home. Your home will probably never get stolen (a caravan or motor home does not count as a home!) and therefore will not need to be replaced. and how badly can a house really be damaged to justify home insurance?

Home insurance falls into two categories. The first category is called casualty insurance and this will cover the home and the contents of the home. The second category is liability insurance which will cover any person who is injured while on your property.

Do you need home insurance? Everyone does! Regardless of whether you own the house or rent the house you are staying in, home insurance is essential! It does not matter if you stay in a 5 bedroom palace in a luxury estate, in a cosy family home in a quiet neighborhood or on the 10th floor of a large block of flats; you still need to be able to protect your family, your possessions and your home! Home insurance, as any other insurance policy, is there to cover you when things go wrong and this can happen to anyone at any time!

It makes good sense to get your home insurance in place as soon as possible. Even if you are a first time buyer, moving into your new house, home insurance should be as high on the to-do list as finding the perfect living room set with matching pillows!

Before you start searching for a home insurance policy, it is important to first gather all your facts and information. You will need to know the size and age of the building, the structure, location and everything in between. Next you’ll need to take a thorough inventory of everything in your home. All of these factors will influence the type and value of the policy you will require.

Be very careful when operating a home-based business from your premises. Do not assume that your business will be covered under home owner insurance. It is usually necessary to take out a separate business owner insurance policy as different policies cater for different requirements.

You have to make sure of a couple of things before deciding on a policy: Will acts of nature be covered by the policy? What if an item is covered under home insurance, but was stolen while being transported in your car? Will the insurance still pay out or won’t the item be covered? An insurance broker will be able to assist you will all the information you require. It is also possible to pay a visit to an insurance company or enquire via phone or email. It is important to make an informed decision and as we live in the digital area, we have access to more than enough information to do just that!

Do a lot of research and shop around. You will be pleasantly surprised with the number of affordable home insurance policies available on the market. Once you are totally satisfied with your chosen policy, you can sign on the dotted line and enjoy carefree living in your lovely home!

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