How to Find Cheaper Holiday Home Insurance

Article by Charleston Campbell

Buying any kind of insurance can be a long and drawn out process, and finding the right holiday home insurance is no different. With ordinary insurance we are spoilt these days with comparison websites doing most of the donkey work for us by simultaneously retrieving quotes from multiple insurers. Unfortunately, no such comparison websites currently exist for niche insurance areas such as holiday homes which can leave us having to do a little bit of searching. But… with a little persistence, you can shortcut the time it could take to finding the right insurance company down to minutes instead of hours.

The first place to start is to head on over to your favourite search engine and if you are like 70%+ of internet users this is very likely to be Google. Entering “holiday home insurance” as a generic search phrase will return both big and small insurance companies with the smaller companies tending to be specialists. If you have more specific needs like overseas home insurance or your holiday home is in a specific country like Spain, adding the country to your search phrase will return more targeted results. To get a better insurance policy for your holiday home a smaller specialist company is likely to give you a better price for more comprehensive coverage with better service.

As with just about all products and services and, in the words of one insurance expert on insurance coverage for travel disruption due to Icelandic volcanic ash “You get what you pay for.” If you decide to follow’s creator Martin Lewis line of thought and simply go for the cheapest insurance then in the words of the insurance expert “You get what you pay for.” Choosing holiday home insurance simply by price and going for the cheapest deal will almost definitely save you some money in the short term. But what would happen if you went for the cheapest just to save a bit of money without reading the policy exclusions, then had to make a claim on that insurance and discovered to your horror that you are not covered for some or even all of the things that you need to claim for?

When you have toothache you go to a dentist, when you have car troubles you go to a mechanic and when need your hair doing you go to a hairdresser. In each instance you would go to a specialist to get a proper product or service rather than calling a handy man with a pair of pliers, a spanner and a hairdryer, why should holiday home insurance be any different? A handyman probably could do each and all of those things and probably at a really cheap price, but the handyman isn’t very likely to do a very good job and have any real expertise in doing any of those things.

Yes you probably can get a cheaper price for your holiday home insurance by going to a big insurance company who covers just about every type of insurance but will their general insurance policy cover the same things that a specialist insurer can cover? By choosing a specialist insurer you are much more likely to be dealing with a smaller company with fewer staff who will more often generate good customer loyalty through great service and communication than a big insurance company by being treated by like just another one of the numbers. A specialist insurance company will also have more experience in dealing with the type of insurance that you need and will generally have a fuller and more comprehensive insurance policy than some of the big, cover everything major insurers.

When you have your shortlist of companies that you are going to enquire with there are 3 simple questions that you need to ask to narrow down your list even further. 1). what items do your insurance policies cover? 2). what items do your insurance policies not cover? 3). what are the exclusions on your insurance policies? These may seem like very simple and straightforward questions but armed with just these 3 questions you can find out everything you need to know about where you will stand if you ever had to make a claim. Following these suggestions you’ll be able to target ideal specialist insurance companies more quickly and easily and when you come to choose your holiday home insurance provider you will be a lot better informed and get better insurance coverage.

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Charlie Campbell has been working in the holiday home insurance industry for more than 11 years providing useful and valuable advice an guidance to customers.

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