How To Save Money On Your NJ Home Insurance Quote

Article by Brenda Fullwerth

If you are approaching your home insurance renewal, it may be time to request a homeowners insurance quote NJ from a different insurance carrier. All insurance companies establish different rates for their home protection policies depending on the claims filed the previous year. It is the company’s duty to charge adequate rates to ensure they have enough money to pay for anticipated claims the next year. When you are in the process of quoting home protection, there are specific ways you can save money. Refer to the tips below and stop paying too much for your home insurance.

Raise Your Home Insurance Deductible

One very effective way to save money on your home insurance is by raising your home insurance deductible. Your deductible is the amount of money you are responsible to pay for in the event you experience a dwelling or personal property loss. The deductible does not apply to medical payments or liability claims. Most insurance agents will quote NJ homeowners with a 0 policy deductible. If you want to save money and you do not anticipate filing small claims, raising your deductible to 00 can save you as much as 28 percent a year. This will also deter you from filing unnecessary claims that will raise your rates for years.

Consider the Benefits of Installing a Home Alarm System

Another effective way to lower your homeowners insurance quote NJ is to take advantage of the home alarm discount. Most home insurance companies offer two different home alarm discounts. One home alarm discount is for homes with a sounding or local alarm that makes a noise when it detects an intrusion. The other discount is available for homes with a central alarm that reports to a central station or police station. Reporting alarms offer a much higher discount and a higher level of protection for your home.

Combine Your Auto and Home Insurance with the Same Carrier

Another great way to save money on NJ home insurance is by combining your auto and home insurance with the same insurance carrier. When you combine your policies, you are eligible for a multi-policy discount. The discount is applied to both your home and your auto insurance policies. This means that you can lower both your property and car insurance premiums just by making the switch.

In today’s turbulent economy, wise homeowners must take a proactive step to lower their insurance premiums. If you are tired of opening your renewal bill just to find your rates have increased within the last year, request a more competitive homeowners insurance quote NJ. Take advantage of all of the largest discounts available to lower your premiums without lowering your coverage. Do your research, use resources, and take a step to save money.

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