Introduction to Home Insurance

Article by Ungira Pandit

Home insurance is a necessary precaution one must take when owning a home. If you purchase home insurance you pay a decided premium to have your house insured and protected. Some homeowners have lower premiums to pay because their homes are in safe areas and less likely to be affected by a disaster. For example if your house is situated right across the street from a fire station, you’re not going to have expensive home insurance to pay for!

Most homeowners are interested in home insurance when they want to mortgage their house. Many banks and other financial lenders will require homeowners to get their house insured before mortgaging their house. It is the way the bank protects themselves financially if the house gets destroyed or damaged. However, the level of home insurance required for the bank is not necessarily sufficient for you since they are only protecting themselves in case of an accident or disaster. The level of home insurance needed for a mortgage usually covers the house itself and not your personal belongings. Also, many home insurance policies do not cover your home in the event of unique natural disasters such as flooding, tornadoes and earthquakes unless it is listed in your policy. If you want to be covered under such circumstances it is best to purchase special home insurance packages such as flood insurance.

Liability insurance protects you against lawsuits in the event that you or your family cause property damage to your neighbour’s home. It also covers situations in which a guest or visitor endures any injuries while on your property.

When applying for home insurance, make sure you carry along your detailed information such as marital status, occupation and employment history, criminal history, credit and insurance history, etc. The insurer will also take a look into the home insurance claims you’ve made in the past. The factors to determine your premium are also based on the age of the house, the square footage of the property, the location, the number of rooms, and the materials used to build your home. The insurer also looks at the overall condition of your home and the number of people residing in it when determining the premium for your home insurance.

If you want to save money on your home insurance inquire about multi policy insurance plans such as home insurance, car insurance and other plans combined which give you a great discount. It is a good idea to incorporate safety and security features into your home such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and a burglar alarm to bring down the premium for your home insurance. Don’t wait till a disaster occurs and till you have to make a claim, to understand your home insurance policy and what the coverage entails.

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