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Las Vegas business insurance is a must have to protect any business owner. The question is what type of business insurance coverage is available for your business. The good news is most insurance carriers will have a policy they can design for any business. When purchasing insurance you will need a quality insurance agency to assist you. There are two different types of agencies, a captive agency and an independent agency. A captive agency only sells one carrier, for example Allstate or State Farm, but an independent agency sells multiple carriers. Selling multiple carriers gives the independent agency a tremendous advantage in finding the best policy that fits your needs.

The coverage that is available for your business is categorized similar to other policies, property, casualty and liability. Let’s take a closer look at what categories are available.


Property and Casualty Insurance: A business owner will benefit from protection for the business and the assets of the business. For example, the office building, the equipment owned by the business, equipment leased by the business, inventory and much more. This is a vital part of Las Vegas Business Insurance.

Liability Insurance: All Las Vegas businesses needs liability insurance for two reasons. One is to pay for legal fees to defend the business in a liability action and the other is to pay damages in the event the business causes harm or causes damage to another.

A business insurance policy is often times packaged together in a Business Owners Policy. This policy contains coverage for several aspects of your business. Some of the specific coverage may include business interruption insurance, electronic data insurance, off premise equipment and any other coverage common to your industry. Business interruption insurance will pay in the event a covered peril causes you to shut down your business, relocate your business or reduces your revenue. If a covered peril causes electronic data loss the policy may cover to reconstruct your data or cover the monetary loss of the data.

The above are just some of the options a Las Vegas business owner will have when insuring their business. Take a good look at every aspect of your business and decide what insurance coverage is best for your needs. Talking to a local insurance agent will give you an insurance road map to the standard policies available for your industry. A commercial insurance agent is familiar not only with the types of coverage available, but also the best carrier that offers the value you need. Do not over pay for business insurance, use an independent agency.

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