Medical Payment Coverage and Car Insurance

If you injure the driver or passenger of another car you will want to be sure that your medical payments coverage of your car insurance is up to date.

When you are looking for car insurance quotes to see the amount of coverage you currently have it is very important to remember that your policy is divided into at least three separate elements. The first part is liability which covers property damage of other people who are involved in an accident involving you. Second there is collision which covers damage suffered to your vehicle when you may or may not be at fault. The third element is medical payments coverages. This is the amount that will be paid to cover individuals who are injured due to your involvement in an accident.

What Does Medical Payments Coverage Cover?

Medical payments coverage is the element of your car insurance policy that pays for the medical expenses of your passengers and the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident as well as his or her passengers regardless of whether or not you are at fault.

How Much Will My Car Insurance Pay For Medical Bills?

The amount that your insurer will pay is usually set at a fixed price. There are also minimums set by each individual state. Usually the lowest rate is set at ,000 per incident. This may seem very high but imagine being hospitalized for up to a month. Then it wouldn’t be hard to exceed this figure at all.

Are Pedestrians Covered Under Medical Payments Coverage?

Pedestrians are also covered under medical payments coverage. This includes you and any member of your household or an individual who is involved in an accident when you are the driver of the automobile.

How Much Medical Payments Coverage Should I Carry?

You should carry at a minimum ,000 dollars in medical payments coverage. This will be higher than many of the car insurance state minimums but be sure to check the state you do live in to make sure you are at the legal threshold of allowable coverage.

Are There Any Statues Of Limitations To Medical Payment Claims?

There is a three year statue of limitations to receiving payment for injuries suffered in an automobile accident. This is so car insurance companies can more readily estimate their costs and also after three years it can be very difficult to prove the injuries are related to the accident in question.

Review your Car Insurance Policy

It is a good idea from time to time to review your current policy and be sure that your medical payments coverage is up to date. Car insurance is a major expense but in the long run offers security if you should ever need to use it.

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