Protecting Your Business with Small Business Insurance

A small business insurance policy differs from that of auto insurance or personal home insurance. Business insurance coverage is very important for all small business owners. Your business assets should be taken into consideration when choosing a small business insurance policy, as well as securing adequate liability coverage, should something occur in which you are found liable for damages. Your assets such as business property, equipment, and tools are needed to help your company operate, and insuring these items properly is very important.


As soon as a small business owner has researched the right insurance carrier by conducting company research and receiving business quotes, the application process begins. Stating what assets you have and the desired coverage needed for those assets, as well as the liability coverage you need to properly insure your risk, is vitally important. Should a loss occur, you wouldn’t want to find out that in fact you do not have enough coverage.


After all factors have been taken into consideration, the insurance provider will calculate your small business insurance quote. Small business insurance policies can be expensive depending upon the type of business that you run and how many workers you employ. However, small business insurance is necessary and should be calculated into your business budget. Most people and companies will not employ you if you do not present a current insurance policy before work begins.


At the end of the day, your new small business insurance policy should be in effect. Everything that is used in the running of your small business needs to be appropriately covered and your required liability limits met. As a small business owner, you have enough to worry about; you shouldn’t have to worry about your insurance also. A small business insurance policy will give you the peace of mind to go out and make your small business a success.


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A brief overview of several insurance options for small businesses (auto, health, life, key person, home, property and workers compensation). More information on each topic can be found in subsequent videos. To watch the entire Insurance for Small Business (7/18/07) seminar please visit
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