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In attracting more customers to sign up or perhaps increase their existing coverage, insurance providers have taken on to provide discount vehicle insurance. These discounts are often given out as treats or rewards to the insured for a spotless driving history in terms of vehicular accidents and offenses. If you haven’t made a claim for a certain period of time or have undergone an approved defensive driving course, you are eligible for such discounts.

In addition to safe drivers, insurers tend to also favor vehicles with good safety rating. Being well equipped with features such as air bags, anti-lock braking systems, as well as anti-theft mechanisms and global positioning systems, it shows that you are a responsible vehicle owner and have taken proper precautions to ensuring vehicle safety and security on and off the road.

Other factors for consideration are ages of the insured as well as the vehicle. The older they are, the higher the insurance premiums tend to get. If your vehicle is normally located in a crime-prone area or clocks in a higher than average mileage, these also affect the premiums and discounts.

Since most insurance providers also provide other forms of insurance such as life, home and many others, purchasing multiple insurance policies from the same insurer entitles you to further discounts. Some insurers provide discounts when combining various types of insurance with vehicle insurance. As most families own more than one vehicle, insuring them all from the same source results in further discount vehicle insurance. Certain regional or state laws allow some reductions for state residents or owners of specific types of vehicles. As a step forward to preserving the environment, owners of green vehicles are acknowledged for their contribution with discounts. These vehicles can be hybrid, electric or running on renewable energy and resources.

Perhaps in line with promoting better education, some insurers offer discounts to parents of well-achieving children. Good grades equal lower premiums which can translate into better presents or holiday trips. Insured owners who are also members of automobile organizations or affiliated with qualifying establishments are entitled to more savings.

Insurers are more than willing to offer discounts if you are looking into getting multiple insurance policies. Take the time to shop around and ask for clarification before signing up with any in particular. 

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