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Buy the cheapest auto insurance after you check out everything in cheap auto insurance

Article by Dylan Ross

When you compare car insurance with life insurance then the former definitely is much cheaper in terms of the premium payable. After all, human life is more valuable than a car’s life. But even a car needs some kind of cover. To think about it, auto insurance is more to take care of you as an owner than the car. If your car gets destroyed due to an accident or it gets stolen then you as the owner get pinched the most. In order to save yourself from garage bills and new car bills you must cover your car adequately. Auto insurance policy premiums vary from company to company and you must check out cheap auto insurance options to buy the cheapest auto insurance.

Almost all the insurance companies in the country have their car insurance policies. Car insurance policies are very profitable for the insurance companies and hence, no insurance company is there that does not offer auto insurance. After all, you don’t have an accident or have your car stolen every now and then. The premium you pay more than covers the amount the insurance company needs to pay in the case of a mishap. The profits for the company are enormous. This is why you see a proliferation of cheap auto insurance available from the different insurance companies. All you need is a website that offers you a comprehensive list of auto insurance quotes so that you can buy the cheapest auto insurance.

There are different ways you can check out cheap auto insurance and buy the cheapest auto insurance:

– You can look through the yellow pages and get in touch with an insurance agent who can give you quotes on cheap auto insurance. This person will also help you buy the cheapest auto insurance. But finding such an agent and then visiting their office before you finalize the deal is a time consuming affair.

– You can make a list of all the insurance companies and check their websites for their quotes on cheap auto insurance. Once you have made your list of cheap car insurance quotes you can then go ahead and buy the cheapest auto insurance from among them. While this is less time consuming it still takes a lot of time.

– The easiest option is to look for a website that lists all the car insurance companies and their rates. Such a website, when you enter your personal details and the details of your vehicle, will give you in one place all the insurance quotes from all the insurance companies. The entire information will be presented to you in the form of a table so that you compare the cheap auto insurance quotes of all the companies. This makes it very easy for you to buy the cheapest auto insurance. These websites offer so much ease of use that they have become the most popular mode for people looking for the best auto insurance quotes.

Follow the last method and you can easily go through cheap auto insurance and buy the cheapest auto insurance.

About the Author

You need to do some research on cheap auto insurance to have a chance to buy the cheapest auto insurance.

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Life Insurance after 50-Senior Term Life Insurance, Graded Benefit, Whole Life Insurance

Article by Angela Rosas

For consumers aged 50 and up, shopping for life insurance is a different experience than for most. For example, life insurance policies for the 50-and-up individuals are likely to have lower face amounts and higher premiums. There are reasons for this and there are life insurance products that can fulfill an older shopper’s needs.

Why does senior life insurance cost more? While the possibility of a death may be distant for younger customers, the possibility of death grows more likely for senior life insurance consumers and life insurance carriers raise premiums in order to cover the future expense. Anticipate higher premiums and understand that with age comes greater risk. Also use caution when selecting your policy from the life insurance products available; your selection could actually hurt your finances.

Term Life Insurance: Despite the greater costs, do not allow yourself to believe that you have to settle for overpriced premiums in exchange for senior life insurance. Senior term life insurance can still be attained at affordable rates. As with most term life insurance policies, premiums are a fixed amount for the length of the policy, as well as the amount death benefit. The death benefit will be paid if the insured dies during the term of coverage outlined in the contract (usually 5-30 years). Senior term life insurance is most likely the most affordable option.

Graded Benefit: Graded benefit whole life insurance guarantees you a death benefit (without a policy expiration date). However, it does not guarantee you a death benefit of the policy’s full-face amount. For example, if you die within the first two years of the policy, you will only be guaranteed the premiums you have paid, plus interest. Consequently, graded benefit whole life insurance is almost like a gamble: insured individuals need to survive for a least a couple of years in order for a decent benefit to be paid, but if they live too long, their costs can end up exceeding their actual death benefit.

Graded benefit whole life insurance can be expensive, but it can easily lure shoppers because of its promises of how little coverage costs per unit. A single unit will only purchase a very small amount of death benefit, possibly 00 (the actual amount depends on the age of the buyer). This is not a bad type of life insurance per se; however, it is not suited for a majority of life insurance customers.

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance:Single Premium Whole Life Insurance is another life insurance product customized to the needs of senior shoppers. Single premium whole life insurance guarantees a complete death benefit and requires only a single premium payment, paid at the beginning of the policy. The purchaser gives money to the insurer with the assurance that the insurer will pay a greater benefit amount later. What sets apart the single premium whole life insurance policy from a loan is that the time of the benefit payment is uncertain, but the amount to be paid is fixed and guaranteed. This life insurance product is often used for making a charity donation.

About the Author

Angela Rosas is a writer/blogger in the life insurance industry.

Buying Life Insurance After Being Diagnosed With Cancer

Buying Life Insurance After Being Diagnosed With Cancer

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Buying Life Insurance After Being Diagnosed With Cancer

By: Insure.com
Posted: Mar 11, 2008
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The American Cancer Society estimates doctors will diagnose over 1.4 million new cases of cancer in the U.S. in 2007, with more than 559,650 cancer-related deaths. If you are among the majority of cancer patients and survive for at least five years following your diagnosis, you may face another fight: buying life insurance.

Buying life insurance for cancer patients is challenging, but not necessarily impossible. Your chances for securing a policy depend greatly on the type, stage and grade of the cancer, and even on the treatment plan. There is a relationship between the rate you’ll receive and the curability of your cancer. Certain types of skin cancer, for example, are considered very low risk by life insurance companies and a skin cancer history may not even impact premiums.

Applicants with common and treatable forms of breast and prostate cancer may be able to get a “standard” rating under ideal circumstances. But patients with a history of leukemia or colon cancer may fall into a “substandard” or “high substandard” rating