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Best Car Insurance for the Classic Cars that Strut Charisma and Class

Article by David Nalin

Treat your Baby with the Best Car Insurance for your Irreplaceable Classic Car

The best car insurance will never replace the relationship between you and your classic, and the odds of finding an exact replica of your personalized classic is slim. However, the best car insurance can at least compensate for the extreme financial loss that you will suffer should your baby ever get totaled or stolen, and it should give you some classic benefits to tag along.

Your classic car deserves the best car insurance it can get. A standard policy claiming your classic as an additional car without a specialty classic car insurance policy will not even come close to replacing the years of financial investment, physical sweat, and emotional devotion that your classic car has inherited. If your classic car means anything to you, you need to devote the time to search for the best car insurance for your classic car, and that means specialty car insurance for classic cars.

Classic car insurance companies are well aware that classic cars are insured for an “agreed value” and not a depreciated value. Car insurance companies may determine the “agreed value” through an appraiser, photographs, or company standards. To keep your coverage maximized, make sure your policy allows for agreed value changes, and update your insurance company with any improvements.

There are many classic car specialty insurance policies. If your classic beauty is used strictly for car shows, parades, photo sessions or weddings, you can find the best car insurance by fine-tuning a policy to include coverages for fender-benders and scratches that might occur, but take advantage of discounts due to the infrequency of driving activity. Different car insurance companies will offer different rates for classic cars that are driven as a commuter car versus classic cars that are driven strictly for recreation. Your classic car insurance policy will be weighted by the mileage driven, engine size, the age and driving history of the policy holder, and the on-site security given to the car.

To get the most out of your car insurance policy, look for classic car insurers that offer convenient benefits, such as towing, breakdown, and roadside assistance benefits. And although the days of cell phone plans and classic cars are starkly different, you might even find classic car insurance companies that allow you to “roll over” unused miles to a renewal policy, similar to “roll over” minutes on a cell phone plan. The best car insurance companies will provide 100% coverage for spare parts, and even allow discounts for car club memberships.

The best car insurance for classic cars can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of your truly fine vehicle. Your baby might be irreplaceable, but your financial investment can be kept secure. Cruise around specialty car insurance companies to find the best car insurance to insure your cruising classic. With the right policy, your classic car can strut its stuff at the next car show with the confidence that if an accident happens, the right insurance policy will be right by your side.

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