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High Risk Life Insurance- It Come Down To An Experience Agent

High Risk Life Insurance is generally purchased for two reasons:

1. You participate in hazardous activities or avocations (i.e. scuba diving, rock climbing, vehicle racing, flying as a pilot, etc.).
2. You have a health condition that is hard to insure (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.).

Both of these circumstances mean that you are a higher risk for an insurance company to insure. Because you are a higher risk, your insurance will cost more.

Luckily, there are insurance agencies specialize in higher risk and impaired risk situations.

Just because you have sleep apnea, diabetes, a coronary artery stent, or other serious illnesses, doesn’t mean you should get turned down or be charged significantly higher premiums for whole, universal, or term life. An experienced life insurance agent can help you find higher risk insurance company that will provide you with the benefits and coverage that you and your family need.

An experienced agent with knowledge of higher risk insurance carriers will help you survey potential providers to find the best high risk insurance companies and higher risk life insurance rates.

Most insurers use mortality tables based on 30-year-old data (mortality tables are used to determine rates). Luckily, a handful of others employ “clinical medical underwriting”-an underwriting philosophy which takes into consideration the latest medical advances and lifestyle choices that allow people with health problems to live long lives. This is great news for an insured that has applied with a local agent that may not specialize in risky insurance situations. If you are deemed a high risk to an insurance carrier, you need to deal with an insurance agency that specializes in high risk situation. You agent will be able to discuss possible carriers that will insure your case based on the finding of your interview. Call an agent that specializes in high risk life cases.

Life Carrier Direct was created to provide a “Term Life Insurance Comparison Marketplace” where we can empower consumers by choice and comparison with top Life Insurance Carriers to find the right term life policy in a way that is easy and affordable. We embrace the latest technology available in the industry so that we can get the results consumers need with speed and efficiency

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