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Transfer the implementation of health insurance relations, “Doomsday” is approaching four

Article by hi joiney

Transfer the implementation of Medicare relations “doomsday” around the corner, but four key problems to solve largeThis year in January, so the three ministries were the Department issued a “mobile adapter connecting interim procedures employed health insurance” (hereinafter referred to as “Provisional Measures”) provide that from 1 July this year onwards, participate in the program regardless of the “hurdles” to where, health care relationships can “take away.” The “Provisional Measures” once excited so many people think that health insurance was finally able to “seamless continuation” of the. However, implementation of the “deadline” is approaching, industry experts say “it is very difficult.”What Difficulties? Recently, the reporter visited the relevant departments of our province, the head of that health insurance contribution years whether insured mutual recognition, co-ordination and transfer of funds transfer does not change the ratio of the number of these key issues have not been resolved, even in the implementation of the “end of the world “” Interim Measures “may still be a dead letter.”A closer look at this way, we can find a lot of substantive things are not implemented.” Provincial official said the departments concerned, since the country out of this provision, the place to find solutions to the current group of experts to the province organized around the research, key research the following questions: First, participate in the program in which some people may divert Medicare relations; second how transfer, in addition to personal accounts of foreign co-ordinate the fund or not to switch, switch with; third is insured throughout the payment period can can not be mutual recognition, how recognized; Fourth, the convergence between the different enrollment systems.Life is not mutual recognitionRetirement entitlements difficultThe minimum payment period, the state is no uniform policy, most of the provisions of 15 years, but some local regulations in 10 years or 20 years. Conversion in various cities for staff, despite the union has been in health care, but if the contribution years is not mutual recognition, in every city failed to meet the local medical insurance is required by the accumulated number of years the minimum payment, then the retirement Medicare should not be able to enjoy the treatment.Co-ordination Fund ClaimsDifficult to balance the interests around theIndustry experts pointed out that the relationship between health insurance the most critical issue is transit “pool fund”, but “Interim Measures” does not make any statement regarding the overall fund, medical insurance co-ordinate funds transfer, transfer, transfer ratio of the number of parties unknown. First six months of the Yangtze River Delta (Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces) of the Employee Relations transfer health insurance card is also here, switching easily into hard.This reporter learned that the current health insurance co-ordination across the country are closed territorial management, even in the same city, different areas have their own co-ordination. The various co-ordinate district average wage of workers is different, so there are differences in base pay. Each co-ordinate region has its own “platter”, is now received support, can not be transferred. Personal medical expenses the insured person is usually increased with age, but its future will no longer pay retirement health insurance fund, so to receive health insurance relations staff hope to get into the fund before the co-ordination in order to comfortably meet its growing medical costs. On the other hand, depends on the role of health insurance aims at treating “law of large numbers”, turn out to necessarily want to leave the original co-insured account funds, the “plate” bigger.Bull managementDifficult to link all types of participating systemsWhen the insured person from the unemployed residents have regular work shift workers, he received from the residents of healthcare workers to switch to Medicare? Peasants from the countryside to the city for work units to do their medical insurance, so how he transferred to workers from the new rural cooperative medical insurance? When he returned to rural areas is no longer working, and how switching from the trade unions into a new rural cooperative medical insurance? This reporter has learned, so the question now is still “great difficulty”, from national to local, have no good way to convergence.”Currently, labor security departments under the medical insurance, health sector management of the new rural cooperative medical care, not health insurance resource sector division, can not share, but also allows multiple urban and rural medical insurance policies, long management.” Industry experts have said that this artificial “Restricting” situation does not change between the three types of insured system