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Error and omission business insurance

Article by allenbroadly

The modern society has very strong litigious mechanisms and dynamics. And small businesses risk facing professional liability that will more likely end their existence than in case of big enterprises. However, the majority of small business owners do not think much about developing a reliable insurance portfolio for their enterprises, which would provide protection and risk assessment to the right extent. And that’s certainly not the best strategy for those who want their businesses to grow and develop well.Building up an insurance portfolio

Don’t expect to find a universal solution for small businesses, as there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all insurance portfolio for small enterprises. You will have to personally adjust and tailor your insurance policy in order to make sure your insurance needs are met to the right extent, combining numerous insurance products into a single portfolio. A typical insurance policy for small businesses is likely to include the following elements:

– Property insurance (covering damage to your buildings or property);- General liability (covering damage to other party’s property);- Errors and omissions (covering liability due to business practice faults);- Workers’ compensation insurance (covering legal actions between you and your employees).

The purpose of errors and omissions insurance

Errors and omissions (E&O) is a special type of insurance coverage that is used for protecting your coverage against legal actions due to production mistakes. This is the same thing that is called malpractice in medical industry. Such errors represent a very high grade risk in any business circles. The following are some types of E&O a small business might experience (and get sued for, respectively):

– Shipping an order to the wrong destination;- Destroying or damaging the property of a customer while providing services;- Selling malfunctioning products that may be faulty designed or damaged during production;

There are a limitless number of examples to E&O in real life business practice, so of which may be less important and risky, while others may put you out of business for good. That’s why it’s important to have E&O coverage in your small business insurance package if you want to be protected against such risks.

Whom it concerns?

You may think that E&O is mostly designed for doctors, lawyers, realtors and production companies. The truth is that most enterprises no matter how big or small they are will need this type of coverage at some point of their existence. Of course, there may be situations when you won’t need this form of small business insurance, but you can never tell. It’s like having auto insurance: you can be a perfect driver but it doesn’t save you from having accidents on the road. You have to understand that paying for this type of coverage may take some money out of your limited budget but instead you assure better risk management for your enterprise and improve its chances of succeeding. Countless businesses have fallen prey to lawsuits caused by errors and omissions just because they didn’t have the coverage. And why would you want your business to follow?

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