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Home Insurance for First Time Buyers

Article by Amy Nutt

For first time homebuyers, purchasing home insurance is an essential part of buying a home. First time home buyers should be aware that many lenders require home insurance before closing. Protecting a home gives buyers peace of mind knowing they are protected.

As a first-time home buyer, you have to be able to understand all points of a home insurance plan. When considering what type of home insurance to buy, it is important to consider the following types of home insurance coverage:- Personal Property: This type of insurance covers items within the home. Coverage depends on the limits of your coverage. It is essential to know the details of your personal coverage. For instance, are you insured for the original price of an item or the current price?

– Casualty: This type of insurance covers natural disasters fro such events as fire, hail, and wind. It is important to review the policy to make sure you are covered. If you live in a flood risk area, you will have to purchase flood insurance.

– Liability: This protects you from lawsuits resulting from injuries to guests. The cost for this liability coverage is usually based on the limits of your coverage.

– Additional Coverage: You may want to purchase extra coverage if you have very expensive items. There are other types of coverage for such situations as loss assessment, collapse, some repairs, damage to trees as the result of wind or ice, some building additions, loss of food due to power outage, and much more. It is important to inquire about the availability of additional coverage.

– Exclusions: Home insurance policies always have a list of exclusions that includes war, neglect, earth movement, intentional loss such as arson and more. It is important to be aware of what your insurance does not cover.

Steps to help a first time buyer save money on home insurance include:1. Shop Around: Don’t take the first home insurance policy that is offered. Compare the details and price with other lenders. You may be able to get a better deal or additional coverage. Make sure you ask a lot of questions to get a sense of the lender’s attitude. You do not want a lender to give you a difficult time if you have to make a claim.

2. Deductibles: A deductible is the amount you have to pay toward a loss before your insurance company will pay. Check to see whether it would benefit to have either a high or low deductible.

3. Age of Home: Many insurers will lower costs if the house is brand new.

4. Home Security: Find out if there is a discount if you install safety equipment such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, burglar alarms, dead bolt lock, etc.

5. Don’t Change Insurers: Many insurers will reduce costs if you stay with them for a certain period of time. Being a loyal client may also result in special discounts.

6. Review Your Policy Annually: Because most home insurance policies are renewed each year, you should take the time each year to compare your policy limits to the value of your possessions. You want to make sure that your policy covers any major purchases. You also want your policy to reflect any changes such as renovations, having a baby, or getting married.

A home insurance policy protects both the homeowner and lender’s investment. Without home insurance, you are at great risk of losing everything as the result of events such as fire, burglary, if someone suffers a serious injury while in your home, and many other sudden disasters. By securing home insurance at the time the sale closes, you and your family will be able to relax and enjoy making memories in your new home.

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