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What Happens If You Don’t Have Car Insurance

Motorists have plenty of things in common, whether it’s car model or driving style, but every single driver has the need for car insurance. The idea is simple enough and most states require some form of it, which means the penalties for not having insurance on an automobile can be steep. When a person goes to insure their car, they typically get a car insurance quotes from multiple companies. After that, it’s a simple matter of choosing the company they like the most.

What Is Car Insurance?

For most drivers, car insurance is simply a policy they have to purchase in order to comply with the law. There are various types of coverage, including liability insurance and collision insurance. In most states, liability coverage is the minimum that drivers need to have for their car insurance policy. When a driver hits another driver, the at-fault motorist is required to pay all damages that the other one incurs. With liability insurance, the at-fault driver can cover those expenses through their policy, instead of using their own money. On the other hand, collision coverage covers all the expenses of fixing the at-fault driver’s vehicle. There are plenty of other types of auto insurance that cover various situations when an accident happens.

Who Are The Main Providers Of Car Insurance?

Most people know plenty of different auto insurance providers, and some companies are better than others. Luckily for motorists, there are local and national car insurance companies, so there are a ton of different choices for each person. Some of the better known providers include Geico, Progressive, and State Farm. Of course, there are over a hundred others. When looking for a provider, it’s smart to compare a handful of quotes from different companies to find the best rate. You can do this in a matter of minutes by using our form above. Also, you should pay close attention to reviews of the provider to avoid choosing one that has poor service.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Car Insurance?

If a person is involved in an accident and doesn’t have car insurance, then tons of things can happen. For starters, if they caused the accident, then they have to pay for the other driver’s expenses with their own money. Expenses include the damaged vehicle, hospital bills, and any lost wages due to the injury. For most people, these bills are too high to be able to pay them out of pocket. Also, the person without insurance would have to fix their own vehicle with their own money.

Should a police officer pull over someone without insurance, they will most likely get their car impounded and receive a citation. The fines and penalties of not having insurance are brutal, so everyone needs car insurance if they intend to drive.

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