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Take the hassle out of finding the right Home Insurance. Just complete one form and we’ll get back to you with quotes from up to 9 insurers – we make the process as quick and painless as possible.

Let us do the work and you can choose the deal that is right (and cheapest) for you.

What is Home Insurance?

Home Insurance” covers the “building” itself and the “contents” within your house.

If your expensive camera gets stolen from your car, it’s your home insurance – not your car insurance that would cover the loss.

Insurance jargon can be confusing, but basically there are 3 types of Home insurance you need to know about:

Buildings Insurance: covers you for damage to the immovable objects on your property: house, walls, geysers and pipes.Household Contents: covers all the things in your house such as your household goods, including non-permanent fixtures and fittings like carpets and curtains, and your personal belongings including appliances; electronic items; clothing; jewellery etc.

Your portable possessions: covers your personal possessions when you wear them or take them out of the home with you – clothes, jewellery, sports equipment and cameras. Most items are covered up to a certain value (unspecified), while items like cameras and bicycles need to be specified.

Why do you need Home Insurance?

We all know the high rates of theft in South Africa. Home insurance gives you peace of mind knowing you can replace the things you have lost.

More importantly, home insurance can protect you from expensive and sometimes devastating accidents to your home.

For a relatively small amount each month these contingencies can be covered.

As with all types of insurance: don’t underinsure, don’t over insure and only get insurance that’s relevant to your needs.

Does everyone who owns a house need Buildings insurance?

Yes, if you home is bonded through a bank you are required by law to have Buildings insurance.

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