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Will Owning a Dog Affect Your Home Insurance Policy?

Article by Diane Frost

Owning a dog could affect your ability to obtain home, condo or renter’s insurance, regardless of how sweet or calm that your dog may be. You may end up paying more for your policy or the insurance company may cancel or not renew your policy due to the fact that some insurance companies are not very enthusiastic about insuring certain breeds of dogs.

Dog’s and Home InsuranceBefore making a final decision about getting a dog it may be a good idea to check with your insurance provider to see if it will have any effect upon your policy. Additionally, if you already have a dog and are looking for home, condo or renter’s insurance, you should be sure to disclose this information to your agent or broker in order to make sure that you will have the proper coverage in the event of a dog bite.

Some states have existing and/or pending legislation to prohibit insurance companies from refusing to insure or discriminating against people that own certain breeds of dogs. As of December, 2008, the State of New York has 5 bills pending to restrict insurance companies from not renewing or cancelling policies as result of dog ownership. The American Kennel Club has a page on their site that lists states with pending legislation along with a brief description of the bills.

If you have a dog and are looking to find home, condo or renter’s insurance here are a few tips:

Be sure to contact the insurance department of your state. They will provide you with a listing of all insurance companies licensed to provide insurance in your state. After acquiring this list, you will be able to contact some of the insurance companies to find out their guidelines on dog ownership. In the event that the insurance company’s guidelines appear too restrictive for you on the topic of dogs, you may contact the insurance department to confirm and/or report the insurance company.

If it is not against the law and you find it unfair, do not hesitate to contact your state representative.

Insurers are re-evaluating coverage’s for homeowners who share their living spaces with certain breeds. Currently in the State of New York, there are a number of companies that will provide home insurance and renters insurance regardless of the type of dog you own. A great starting point to acquire more information on this subject is http://www.newyorkcitynyinsurance.com which does not restrict or surcharge based on dog ownership. The most important point is that you are aware of this issue if you are contemplating purchasing insurance and that you make sure to fully disclose this to your insurance agent so that he/she are able to make sure that you are properly insured and protected in the event of a dog bite.

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