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17 year old car owner/driver needs a proper car insurance policy

Article by ashok kaul

17 year old car owner/driver needs a proper car insurance policy

With the number of young car drivers growing every day, there is a need for a specific car insurance policy, which caters to 17-year-old drivers, having their own cars.

While we have the figures showing that the younger drivers being inexperienced are involved in more car and other accidents, than the older drivers. However, it cannot be said for the whole lot of young drivers, particularly the 17-year-old car drivers. At the same time, there is a greater need to educate the young car drivers including 17-year-old drivers to search for a comprehensive and proper car insurance policy that suits them best.

Certain insurance brokers may offer an insurance policy that has every stuff in it and ultimately it may not prove useful to the 17-year-old car driver, as there may be nanny benefits offered with the car insurance policy, which are not at required by the young driver.

The law should be very stringent with regard to the car insurance policy, particularly for the 17-year-old car drivers having their own cars. The law has to ensure that a 17-year-old car driver has a proper and well-documented car insurance policy, before he takes on the wheels and goes off to the road for a drive. Certain countries have fixed penalties for not having a proper car insurance policy by the 17-year-old car driver. In Great Britain the penalty for not having proper car insurance is a six point fine. This means in real terms that a 17-year-old car driver has to appear for a retest as their license gets revoked due to this offense.

Young car drivers, especially 17-year-old drivers and till the age of 25 years, are deemed as high-risk drivers. This means that the chances of more accidents are higher with this age group of drivers. Hence, most of the insurance companies add up their costs to quote a higher price for a 17-year-old car driver to have the car properly insured.

However, there are many instances where we can find that the insurance brokers and companies have a genuine case to put up the prices, as 17-year-old car insurance will have to meet the excess claims from the 17-year-old drivers due to their inefficient handling of the vehicle and its maintenance..But at the same time there are certain car insurance companies who provide 17-year-old car insurance at cheaper and reasonable prices, as they are specialists in the field of providing car insurance policies to the young drivers only, like a 17-year-old driver.

One needs to do a online search for such companies and here is the link to one website that can help

. http://www.car-insurances-online.com/17-year-old-driver-auto-insurance.htmDuring the course of learning car driving, a 17-year-old car driver is taught to drive slowly and that too a older vehicle, so that the driving skills get perfect and the 17 year car insurance policy is also cheaper to get. Another web site address given here can be of much help in this direction.


In Netherlands, we can find many Dutch companies that can give a proper autoVerzekering and the companies like the following Dutch website can prove very useful

: http://www.car-insurances-online.com/autoverzekeringen-aanbieders-nederland.htm

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It Is Your Choice To Select The Proper Auto Insurance Quotes

Article by Mathew Maak

Do you remember your thoughts before you bought your auto? Had you not yearned for it for a long period of time? Remember, how carefully you were saving money for some time, just so that you could purchase that dream auto. Having an auto helps; you can hop to different places along with your family, you are no longer restricted with the dilemmas of public transporting. But are you sure that the health of your car shall remain in mint condition as long as you own it? There are always possibilities of getting involved in an accident and damaging your precious car. For that reason, have you made the effort to check out on auto insurance quotes?

In an event of an bad auto accident if you have no auto insurance you may have to pay out a good sum of money to get your auto repaired. Just because you drive safely does not inevitably mean that your auto shall not meet with an accident. If the person around you is a rash driver, he or she might well crash into your vehicle and make a mess out of it. This is one of the fundamental reasons why you should get auto insurance. There are different other reasons for auto insurance too and theft is one of them. Unless your auto along with its accessories do not possess auto insurance and theft occurs, you may be left high and dry. Nonetheless, there are many other reasons that people think when deciding about auto insurance.

People also get puzzled as they are looking in to different types of auto insurance policies. It gets quite difficult for them to pick the best suited policy for their needs. They encounter the 1st party insurance, the 3rd party insurance, and comprehensive auto insurance. These different types of auto insurances baffle most people. One of the better alternatives is to spend some time, and giving some thought to the different types of auto insurance coverages that are available for autos and speak with various agents from different insurance carriers.

You should check alternate websites that gives auto insurance to make progress this task, and also have a chance to call an insurance agent from any organization that deals in auto insurance to consult your requirements with him. There are many things you can do to lower quote for your auto insurance. If you have clean driving records and have never involved in an accident, chances are that you can easily secure a lower quote. You should also keep in mind that the accessories you install in your auto adds up the auto insurance rates. Do not install accessories that are not necessarily needed. Ensure that your vehicle’s health is maintained by getting it serviced as recommended by the manufacturer. This will clearly receive a lower auto insurance.

Driving an auto that is not covered by good auto insurance is inviting trouble. If you are interested in protecting your car for a long time even in case of an accident, you should have it insured with the best auto insurance policy that suits your own personal needs. You should do this by getting various auto insurance quotes from prominent insurance companies to compare, select and save on your policy.

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Go over to eSuremenow.com to have substantial savings on your Auto Insurance Quotes.It is quick, easy and you get quite a few insurance quotes from a lot of companies to make your comparison.