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Cheap Car Insurance Guide – Must Read For All Car Owners

Article by Alex Baumm

For sure, nobody wants to spend that much money when it is possible to get a service or a commodity, without compromising quality, at a considerably low price. Most drivers for that matter want to get cheap car insurance.

Getting cheap car insurance like any other type of insurance is dependent on many factors. These factors generally determine the amount of premium you pay for an insurance policy. In car insurance, there is a concept which insurers refer as risk groups.

Insurance holders are placed in risks groups depending on certain matters. Belonging in a respective risk group will have the effect of getting the same or almost the same amount of premium with other people belonging on that risk group.

Getting cheap car insurance is something that demands careful consideration of factors that affect or that may affect insurance premium. If you live in a neighborhood with high car theft rate this may increase the quote you get from car insurers. If you just park your car outside your house because you do not have a garage, definitely you can expect a higher quote.

If you have anti-car theft devices installed in your car, this will also impact the rate of quote you get from insurers. Car modifications you do with respect to the car you would like to be insured will also have an effect on the amount of premium you pay in case you finally decide to get an insurance policy.

These are but few of the factors considered by insurance companies in relation to how they determine the insurance policy premium they give you. So, if you are really going to get a car insurance, it is important to consider these things.

You can surely get cheap car insurance by doing the following simple things. First, before introducing any modification in your car it is better to get it insured first. Second, install anti-car theft devices into your car before you get car insurance. These simple things are really not that hard to do.

You can also get details online as to how you can get cheap car insurance and for sure online sites will not forget to include this: get four to six quotes from car insurance companies.

Surely, you will get different quotes and thus you have the chance to choose a cheap car insurance. But, also be sure you bear in mind the policy, terms and coverage because it is possible that you get cheap car insurance with very little coverage and this exposes you to further risks than getting a higher but more comprehensive car insurance.

Nowadays, car insurance is mandatory especially with respect to American States that make it legal requirement. Nevertheless, this requirement need not costs you that much money. You can always do some things to get cheap car insurance.

As getting cheap car insurance is something you work for, it is always beneficial on your part to be aware of matters like the things already mentioned that car insurance companies use to determine car insurance premiums. In car insurance, indeed, knowledge is still power.

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Cheaper life insurance rates? Stand and read this

For the best life insurance rate quotes, save money by losing weight.

If you smoke, quit. If you drink too much, cut down your consumption or don’t drink at all.Get at least 30 minutes of exercise three times a week like the American Heart Association recommends. It’s not just good for your health—your insurance will cost less.

Smokers, for example, can pay up to three times the life insurance premiums nonsmokers do, and it isn’t enough to be enrolled in a smoking cessation program—you may have to prove you are not a smoker with a blood test. Even if you quit, it may take anywhere from one to five years before your insurance company considers you a non-smoker. Some life insurance companies may offer to reduce your rate once you have quit for some period of time, but this varies by individual company.

As for drinkers, consuming more than two drinks a day disqualifies you for the cheapest preferred rates—more than four and you disqualify for standard rates. Similarly, obese and overweight people fall into a high-risk category because a high BMI, cholesterol or blood pressure reduces life expectancy, according to Jim Toole, Managing Director of Life & Health at MBA Actuaries, Inc. in Winston-Salem, N.C.Whether you choose term life insurance, which typically has the cheapest beginning rates or whole life insurance, which has fixed rates, your rates will increase based on age, gender and lifestyle. Since you cannot get any younger or change genders, cut costs on your insurance with a healthier lifestyle.

To get the best insurance rate quotes, aim for a healthy BMI (body mass index), cholesterol levels and blood pressure—by maintaining a healthy weight. Your life insurance company may be interested to learn of any wellness, fitness or counseling programs you are enrolled in, but they will only give you lower insurance rates when they see the results.

This article was originally published at Life Quotes, Inc.

Originally founded in 1984 as Quotesmith Corporation, Life Quotes, Inc. owns and operates www.consumerinsuranceguide.com and www.lifequotes.com, two online consumer insurance information services that cater to the needs of self-directed personal and corporate insurance shoppers.

Life Quotes provides access to comparative quotes for auto, life, health and business insurance quotes so that busy consumers and business owners can save time and money. Life Quotes is dedicated to providing impartial insurance information.

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