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Top Home Insurance Renewal Tips

Article by Harvey McEwan

Just when you think you’ve cleared your major outgoings for the month, your home insurance renewal letter hits the door mat. Following this new, unexpected burden on your finances, you wouldn’t be the first person to think about simply letting your home insurance renew without checking the market for a better deal. But you could stand to lose out on a lot of money if you don’t spend a few minutes to compare home insurance when it comes to renewal time.

Your home insurance renewal letter is likely to offer you a quote from your current home insurer which is not drastically different to your previous quote. Some will grant you the benefit of an additional year’s no claims bonus. Others will even put the price up to try to recoup their marketing costs and bank on laziness on your side.

If you don’t want to renew your policy with the same insurer, you must get in touch with them. Your home insurance is likely to automatically renew if you do nothing. This ensures that you maintain any legal obligations on your side to maintain a home insurance policy. But if you find a better deal and buy that policy, you’ll still be charged unless you notify your previous insurer.

If you want to find a better quote, you’re faced with two options. You can either go to twenty or thirty major home insurance companies, or you can fill in one online form to find the best insurer for your needs. That’s the role of a home insurance comparison website – designed to get you to your best insurer in as short a time as possible.

When you’re comparing various home insurance quotes and matching them up against your home insurance renewal offer, you must remember to compare like-for-like policies. The cover within a home insurance policy is not standardised across the various insurance companies. Therefore, your cheapest quotes could be coming on the back of reduced protection.

One important tip to bare in mind is that it wise to keep your existing home insurance cover until you’ve found and bought your new policy – if you can find a better deal and decide to switch that is. Otherwise, you run the risk of running out of time and leaving yourself without cover for a short period.

And finally, don’t just use the same details as the previous year. Over time, the value of your contents, the risks they’re exposed to, plus the modifications/improvements and value of your property is also likely to change. Keeping this information up to date will ensure that you’re protected should you ever need to make a claim.

Your home insurance renewal check list

Remember that your existing policy is likely to automatically renewAlways compare like-for-like policies – protection and quotes will differUse a home insurance comparison website to cover the ground quickerDon’t cancel your current policy until you’ve found and bought a new oneMake sure your details are up to date to ensure you are protected

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You’re likely to lose out on a lot of money if you don’t read the fine print when checking your home insurance renewal.

Switch Car and Home Insurance Today – Why Wait for Your Renewal

Article by Denish Verma

We all work hard these days to pay for our vehicles and furnish our homes. We can’t afford to replace our personal belongings from a theft or accident, which we simply can’t predictable if or when it might happen. Insuring our assets gives us a feeling of satisfaction knowing that we can replace our lost assets if any disastrous was to happen. We provide a wide range of insurance policies: Switch Car insurance or Switch Home Insurance Direct via 4Switch.com. You can switch car insurance policy directly from us, simply compare car insurance quotes on our website and click through to the insurance company of your choice (e.g. the cheapest). This means you get your car insurance direct, instead of going to an insurance middleman or independent agent.The first thing to consider is the type of car or switch home insurance coverage required. We have a number of car and home insurance policies you can switch to. Our types include both liability and total coverage insurance. Liability insurance is less costly but will merely cover the harms caused to another person’s vehicle or property in a mishap in which you are liable. Total coverage insurance provides the similar coverage as liability car insurance, but gives additional coverage to you and your motor vehicle. For those with expensive vehicles and homes, full coverage plan is frequently recommended so you have a policy that would take care of you in the event of a loss or accident. According to your own requirements you can switch car insurance or switch home insurance at a reasonable price, with 4Switch.com. There are many insurance companies in UK, who all claim to provide you the best possible deal. Not all insurance companies are ‘the best’. Sometimes you may not read the small print and not full understand the terms and conditions of your cover. The internet is a good way to compare various insurance companies, 4Switch.com for example. You can read home and car insurance reviews written here at our website by clients to get a true picture.

Once you know what car or home insurance you are looking for, visit our website to get a clear idea about our cost and payment options. Our costs and policy coverage is clear to understand. Getting a quote online is fast, free and simple. There is no hidden cost or fees. If you have any questions or queries about the suitable insurance policy, coverage or things to do during accident, contact us anytime.. We offer fantastic coverage when you Switch car insurance, or switch home insurance direct – find the right policy for you online.

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Why wait for your car insurance reviews or direct car insurance ? Visit our website.

Texas Home Insurance Renewal Premiums Are On The Rise

Are you getting sick of your Texas home insurance premium increasing with no idea why?

This article explains some of the factors that can affect your homeowners insurance in Texas.

There is going to be a surprise waiting for you in your mailbox and it is not the kind of surprise that you are going to like. Texas home insurance premiums are going up this year at a pace I have not seen for more than 20 years!

Not every one is going to get hit with big rate increases, but if you do get hit, there are ways for you to minimize the overall impact to your budget and still keep your coverage. But before we get into that, lets try to figure out what is happening here.

Providing the best Texas insurance quotes online.

Are the Rate Increases Caused by Natural Disasters?

To a certain degree, yes. I have to believe that some of the increase can be traced to the catastrophic losses of 9/11 Attack on the World Trade Center. It is estimated that the total losses from the tragedy will go over Billion Dollars, that is ,000,000,000. There is no question that the money necessary to pay for the destruction and losses will come from almost every insurance company in one way or another. But the premium increases forhome insurance had started long before that fateful day.

Insurance Premiums on Homeowner Policies Have Gone Up Less Than 2% Per Year the Past 10 Years.

I am sure you are saying, How can that be, it seems that my rates have gone up every year? You are partially right. The total premium may have gone up, but the amount of coverage has also gone up to keep pace with the increasing cost of construction and materials used to rebuild houses. Inflation has continued to increase and push the cost of replacing homes and property higher year after year. Your policy adjusts the coverage on your home each year in an attempt to make sure you have enough coverage in the event of a catastrophic loss.

It’s a Fact: Insurance Companies Made a Lot of Money in the Stock Market During the 1990s and That Was Good For You.

Insurance companies invest their money just like everyone else. During the 1990’s they made money on their investments just like everyone else. In fact, many home insurance companies were willing to write insurance at a loss because they knew they could make it up on investment income.

For most of the 1990’s, insurance companies were able to keep your premiums lower than they would have been because investment income they earned more than offset the losses they paid out. As consumers, we really shouldn’t have a problem with that, part of our premium is offset by the insurance companies investments, resulting in lower premiums.

Then…the Stock Market started to fall apart in the middle of 1999.


All of a sudden, the investment income fell off, but the losses didn’t. Insurance companies were now faced with the prospect of mounting losses if they kept the rates at the low level. One of several options was to increase premiums across the board and increase they have.

No Loss Discounts and Loss Surcharges Affect Your Premium

Clients that do not turn in claims make insurance companies lots of money and should be charged lower rates.

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the rule works the other way, too. Insurance companies are going out of their way to give clients without losses discounts and premium credits to reward them for not having a claim.

If you have a claim or two, you can expect to pay a higher premium for a few years. We know no one plans to have a claim, in fact it’s a real pain to go through the process, but it’s no different than auto rates going up if there is an accident.

One other problem is the size of losses have gone out of sight! We have seen the average size of closed claims in our office go from ,350 in 1993 to over ,425 in 2002. The fact is that it just costs more money to make repairs to houses today than it used to.

Big changes are happening in the insurance market.

Deductibles Can Save You BIG Money!

Back in the days when I first started in the business, homes were insured for ,000 and the policies had a deductible. In the late 1970 the value of homes headed towards ,000 and the deductibles went to 0. By the end of the 1980’s a 0 deductible was standard on almost all policies written for homes

Online Car Insurance Renewal Helps Get a No-Claim Bonus

Article by online car insurance insurance

Online Car Insurance Renewal Helps Get a No-Claim Bonus


Online car insurance renewals allow you to avail a very useful clause known as the ‘no claim bonus.’ The ‘no claim bonus’ is particularly designed to reward you with discounts on online car insurance renewal if you have been a safe driver in the previous year.

Keeping your car insured is one thing that should never be overlooked or ignored, it is as important as your own health. According to the Indian law’s Motor Vehicles Act, no motor vehicle is allowed on Indian roads without it carrying the minimum insurance cover. The minimum insurance policy that the Indian law expects every vehicle on Indian roads to have is the third party liability insurance policy.

However, in terms of common sense, a comprehensive automotive insurance policy is more suitable to have on Indian roads. While a third party liability insurance policy will only protect you from the costs of damage to another person’s property or health, a comprehensive automotive insurance policy will provide you cover against the financial implications of all kinds of damage to your vehicle or to yourself. Furthermore, a comprehensive automotive insurance policy would also protect you against the threats of theft, damage to accessories and even injury to a co passenger.

Having an online car insurance policy does not mean that you can be completely carefree on the roads; you still have to drive as safely as you can. However, there are benefits of being a safe driver that can be redeemed when you renew your insurance policy. With online car insurance renewal, you get the opportunity to avail a clause known as the ‘no claim bonus. The clause has primarily been designed by websites providing online car insurance renewal to encourage drivers to be safe on the roads.

The concept is very simple to understand. If you have not claimed any kind of damages to your vehicle or yourself from your previous insurance policy then you will be considered a safe driver. Resultantly, if you are such a driver then you are entitled to a ‘no claim bonus’, which translates into significant discounts on your renewal. This would make your renewed policy much more affordable and attractive to you and your pockets. You would not only feel as you have contributed to the safety of the road but also to your own finances.

There are other benefits with online car insurance renewal as well. For example, online car insurance renewaldoes not take as much time as insurance policy renewals conducted through insurance agents. Also, renewing your insurance policy online would also result in you having more options available to you with respect to insurance providers and various clauses.

Therefore, based on pros and cons, online car insurance renewal is miles ahead of renewing the same through local insurance agents. Therefore, you should immediately go for online car insurance renewal and live a relaxed and peaceful life.

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