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Home insurance: A shield for your shelter

Article by Adam Jaylin

Phillip Moffitt has rightfully remarked, ” A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul”. So, house is not a structure built with concrete, but something related to our sentiments– a place which preserves those nostalgic moments of childhood and youth, happiness and sorrows we experienced right from our birth. Therefore whether it is a big house or a small apartment, our house ought to be insured, as none of us would like to lose this valuable possession at any cost. The hazards that may affect our homes cannot be avoided, even if we try hard. But, by buying a home insurance we can at least recover some of the losses incurred by these adversities.

home insurance, popularly called hazard insurance or homeowners insurance is the type of property insurance that covers private homes and gives various personal insurance protection. Usually a standard home insurance covers structure of the home, personal belongings, liability protection and additional living expenses when the house becomes unusable because of unexpected hazards.

By buying a home insurance we can repair and reconstruct the house if it is destroyed by fire or other disasters listed in the home insurance policy. But, home insurance policies have certain limitations, it will not pay for routine wear and tea and damages caused by severe natural calamities like flood and earthquake.

There are numerous insurance providers that offer discounted home insurance and other packages on home insurance policies. Since, most home insurance policies include coverage for personal belongings, our furniture, clothes, sports equipment and other items get automatically insured.

The liability coverage given by a home insurance policy pays for defending in court and any court awards up till the limit of the policy. Above all, liability overages insure against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage that the family members and pets cause to other people’s property along with no-fault medical coverage. But, liability cover does not pay when others damage our things.

The most interesting aspect of a home insurance policy is that it pays various additional expenses required for living away from home when the houses are damaged by fire, and other insured disasters. The hotel bills, meals and other living expenses are also paid till the home is rebuild.

Home insurance is just like an umbrella in the rainy days. So for protecting our endeared possession we have find out the best home insurance policy that gives maximum coverage.

About the Author

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