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Car insurance in South Africa

Article by Hollard

Car insurance is a vital part of protecting yourself against potential financial loss if your car is stolen, damaged or if you are in an accident that involves a third party. Not all car insurance is the same though, so it is important to ensure that you have the right level of cover to suit your needs and budget.

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Why Do Renters In South Florida Need Property Insurance?

Article by Emily Jackson

If you are renting a property in South Florida, do not put yourself at risk by choosing not to invest in property insurance. Just because you do not own the property you live in does not mean you do not own valuable items that do not need protection. If you choose to live without South Florida insurance and you experience a loss, you could be left trying to find a way to replace your belongings and rebuild your life. Understand what type of coverage is provided by a renter’s insurance policy and invest in protection for as little as per month.

Protect Your Belongings You Have Purchased Over the Years

One of the primary coverages provided by a renter’s insurance policy is personal property insurance. Over the years, tenants accrue a number of different belongings. If you have ever taken an inventory of your personal property, you may be surprised to find that you own more than ,000 in furnishings, electronics, clothing, and household appliances. Choosing not to insurance your belongings will certainly leave you in a bind if you ever need to file a claim. When you quote renter’s insurance, make sure to quote a policy that will value your property based on replacement cost. Replacement cost valuation will provide you payments based on how much items cost at the time of the loss.

Do You Have Protection Against Lawsuits?

Your landlord has insurance that will protect them against liability lawsuits if you or another individual tries to sue them. Landlord insurance will not protect you if a third-party claims you are negligent for their injuries or property damage. South Florida insurance for renters provides a minimum of 0,000 in personal liability coverage. This protection will cover you at home and anywhere in the world. In today’s litigious society, carrying personal liability insurance should be considered a must.

Loss of Use Coverage to Cover Immediate Expenses

The last thing you want to think of is what you would do if your house was totaled because of a fire or another catastrophic loss. If your home is uninhabitable, renter’s insurance will pay to replace your food, your clothing, and to rent a new property. Loss of use coverage comes in handy if you have to stay in a hotel and you do not have the money to pay for the accommodations.

For as little as per month, you can invest in a South Florida insurance policy for renters. Contact your auto insurance agent to see if you qualify for a multi-policy discount. Generally, when you combine property and auto insurance with the same carrier, the savings will almost pay for your renter’s policy. Invest in protection and get the peace of mind you need to sleep at night.

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