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Face-to-Face versus Online Life Insurance Purchasing Experiences

Article by Denise

Consumers are growing more and more comfortable using the Internet for the online management of their personal finances. They can conduct research, and buy a range of products and services through a few simple steps performed in just minutes. With the help of aggregator websites providing substantial information and comparison charts, consumers are comfortable and confident buying online term insurance online. Not only do consumers find online purchasing of life insurance convenient and easy, but it also gives them the freedom to purchase life insurance when they want, how they want , and to their own coverage specifications. Customer experience surveys show that consumers are looking for three vital aspects to enjoy the online shopping experience:Empathy – An online broker or agent must give consumers a sense that their interests are of prime concern. Online life insurance resources that provide a wealth of information is one way to dispense insurance education that consumers would need to make the right choice. A customer service support team consisting of qualified professional advisors can further enhance consumer experience. Consumers want to be provided with objective answers to insurance questions and have meaningful, unbiased recommendations presented to them.Efficiency – Consumers are looking for efficiency in terms of speed and the number of steps involved to complete a transaction. A quick and easy process that yields effective results, translates into an enjoyable customer experience.Accuracy – Capturing accurate information given by consumers during the online purchasing process is vital to ensure no duplicate efforts are required.How does an online insurance purchase compare to face-face life insurance transactions? The reality is that consumers find the speed of processing a insurance policy through an agent much slower than an online transaction. What about accuracy? The room for human error is much greater than computer-generated information, and the rate of error-free transactions online is higher than with an agent. If an insurance agent is paid on a commission basis, getting a hefty commission on their favorite product may be more important than consumer loyalty. Another reason why online transactions are a more enjoyable experience is because agents are generally known to be “pushy,” which is one of the main reasons why consumers shy away from insurance agents. Just one horrible experience may result in people not purchasing insurance! Besides the experience, there are several benefits to purchasing insurance online. Here’s the skinny on why you should take advantage of online aggregator websites.The Advantages of Purchasing Term Life Insurance Online

Online life insurance providers give you quick access to multiple life insurance quotes. Their database holds the underwriting information of hundreds of life insurance quickly. A quick search will locate insurance companies that will offer you the best insurance rates.Internet shopping for life insurance saves you time and gas. While you are sitting at home enjoying a cup of coffee, you’ll receive the best insurance rates.It gives you opportunity to compare insurance products and rates from different companies. After considering all your options, you will be sure you’ve got the right life insurance product at the most affordable pricing.Online insurance providers are able to offer discounted rates. Because the Internet saves administrative costs and is a paperless transaction, aggregator websites are able to offer you discounts, sometimes up to 70 percent on insurance products. This kind of savings may not be possible with insurance agents.Most online insurance providers monitor rates, features and financial integrities of top-rated life insurance companies. They will provide this information on each quote they issue.Since online insurance providers do not receive a commission, like agents, they are unbiased and can be loyal to their customers rather than to the product. They are not trying to push one product against another, and provide you with the facts so that you can make your own decision.Agents may call you repeatedly in an effort to get you to buy a product. With online insurance providers, you can take your own time to make a decision. You can ask for more quotes or research online what others have to say about the product you intend to purchase.For the Best Life Insurance Rates – Purchase Term Life Insurance Online!While not all insurance agents are out to push their favorite product on you, but their limited portfolio could prevent you from getting the best rates you could get on insurance products. That’s where online life insurance providers have an