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Should It Be Illegal For People To Drive Without Vehicle Insurance?

Article by Danny Aaron

There are many drivers on the road who drive un-roadworthy vehicles. The worst part is not that they are putting themselves in danger, but other innocent road users too. Over and above vehicles that are being driven whilst not in a roadworthy state, there are also people who drive on our roads without motor insurance.

In some countries, vehicle insurance is required by law, but unfortunately, not in South Africa. It is a debate amongst many people about whether or not vehicle insurance should be absolutely mandatory. Naturally, there are people on both sides of the fence. Firstly, you will get all the insured people who believe that everyone else should be insured too. Their reasoning is that why should their insurance have to pay out for damages on their vehicle if the accident was caused by someone else? It is costing insured people thousands when they have to fork out for repairs on other people’s vehicles! Then you get the people who do not have car insurance. Some of them just cannot afford it, whilst others feel that it is an unnecessary monthly expense for something that could never happen.

Irrespective of which side of the fence you are on, it has to be taken into consideration that car insurance is mandatory in other countries for a reason. It is quite frankly very dangerous to drive without it! Imagine you are in a collision without motor insurance, and the accident was your fault. Do you have the spare money available to pay for the repairs to your motor vehicle AND the damages you caused to another vehicle. If you caused a bad accident, you may even be sued by the other party. This means that you will have to come up with a lot of extra money. It is better to protect your financial future by investing in a good car insurance policy. Even if you cannot afford to pay for a full comprehensive policy, you may be able to afford a good third party policy. A third party policy will pay out for any damages you cause to another vehicle if you are in a collision.

If you think about it logically, it really should be illegal for people to drive without a good motor insurance policy in place. If road users are not responsible enough to protect their financial future and the money they spent on the car, then they should not be on the road. There is a valid reason why motor insurance is compulsory in some countries, and also why most vehicle financing companies will not allow you to purchase a vehicle without insuring it first.

You can easily find good, reliable and affordable vehicle insurance companies on the internet. If you put a good security system on your vehicle, then your premium will be even lower! Furthermore, shopping around for some quotes will help you to find the lower premium available to you.

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Do Not Take The Risk Of Driving Without Vehicle Insurance!

For those who are still driving their cars without insurance and who do not see the need for vehicle insurance I urge you to continue reading this article. I will be raising a few key points as to why getting vehicle insurance only makes good sense. You will also discover just how simple it is to get vehicle insurance and how you can save in the long run. There is no doubt that by being financially prepared can save you massive amounts of money in the event of vehicle theft, damage or accident.

When we get into our cars and head off towards our destination, many of us do not even give it a second thought as to our safety or the safety of our car. Some people have the attitude that nothing bad will happen to them. And I am not saying that we should be driving around with the morbid thought of injury and accident but I am saying that sometimes we do not realise how much we take our safety for granted. That is until, we do end up with damage to our car, injury to our person or theft. Vehicle insurance does not decrease the likelihood of these incidents happening to you, but what it does do is to provide the financial back up should you find yourself in a situation like. The thing about events such as those I have previously mentioned, is that it happens unexpectedly. One minute you are happily driving your car and the next minute you are not. Not having any type of vehicle insurance to cover the costs of the damage can be a major inconvenience which can also cost you a large sum of money at the end of the day.

There are different kinds of vehicle insurance. There are vehicle insurance which deals with theft, there is vehicle insurance which deals with collisions and then there is vehicle insurance which deals damage. You have to decide what your main concerns are and take out insurance accordingly. If you are looking for vehicle insurance which will cover all of the above, then you will need to get comprehensive vehicle insurance. Comprehensive cover does cost more, but it affords you the surety of knowing you are fully covered.

Once you have decided on the type of coverage, you can get your vehicle insurance easily. You can get online vehicle insurance quotes within minutes and it is free! You simply need to go to a vehicle insurance comparison site, enter your details, as well as the kind of insurance you are looking to buy, and wait a few minutes. Within minutes you will be given a list of vehicle insurance quotes. Now you can choose a quote which is the most cost effective and you will be redirected to the vehicle insurance companies website to get more information as well as to speak to an agent. Do not take the risk of driving without vehicle insurance- it is simply not worth it.

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