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When would you need a let property insurance quote?

Article by Richard Burgess

There are perhaps three situations under which you may decide to search for a let property insurance quote:

• you have just purchased a buy to let property and are looking for an appropriate let property insurance quote;

• you are currently an owner-occupier of a property but have decided to start renting it out in full or part (in which case, any existing owner-occupier insurance you have will become invalid and it will be necessary to seek what may be called landlord insurance or let property insurance cover etc);

• you are an existing landlord with buy to let insurance cover but wish to check whether or not your existing cover is still offering a cost-effective and appropriate solution in the current insurance marketplace.

Inevitably, when thinking about a let property insurance quote, price will figure high up on your list of priorities. Inevitable as that may be, it may be worth guarding against trying to interpret your landlord insurance quotation entirely upon price alone.

Different policies provided different levels of cover and it is typically a good idea to first and foremost evaluate the quotation in terms of its suitability for your needs.

Reading a policy’s cover for the first time, only in the event of a claim, is not advisable!

As a general rule, though there may be exceptions, a typical landlords’ insurance quotation (the terms landlords insurance, let property insurance and buy to let insurance, are typically used interchangeably) will provide cover information relating to:

• the structure of your property, typically including its fixtures and fittings (though it may be worth noting that these days not all policies offer subsidence cover as standard);

• its contents (e.g. furniture);

• your exposure to being sued by your tenants under the third party liability claims – though note, this will typically not include legal disputes relating to eviction formalities or the recovery of rent arrears etc.

Some landlords’ insurance policies may provide additional elements of cover relating to things such as:

• a loss of rental income, if this arises due to an insured risk;

• malicious damage caused by your tenants;

• trace and access cover (these cover some of the costs that you may incur if you have a tradesperson dismantling elements of your property while trying to find the source of a problem);

• potentially higher risk tenants (some insurance policies may not cover certain categories of tenants including DSS tenants and students etc).

All of these things should typically be highlighted within your let property insurance quote. If they are not, it may be highly advisable to read the supporting policy documentation prior to deciding whether or not the quotation is one that you wish to progress with.

About the Author

Richard Burgess is Director of cover4letproperty (http://www.cover4letproperty.co.uk) a dedicated UK landlord insurance broker. Their easy to use site and friendly staff will get you multiple quotes from specialist insurers for landlord insurance at a competitive price.

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Premium tax would hike health-insurance costs

Why? Because Congress wants to levy a .7 billion premium tax on all private health plans each year for the next decade to pay for reform.

That’s a billion tax.

Health plans will have no choice but to pass these costs on to the consumer. This tax will make it tougher for families to afford coverage, increase the difficulty for small-business owners trying hard to insure workers, and stifle job creation.

In Florida, small businesses are the bedrock of our economy. This tax will hit our economy especially hard. It’s just not what families and small businesses need as they dig their way out of a severe recession.

The Congressional Budget Office evaluated this tax and found it will lead to “higher premiums for private coverage.” The nonpartisan CBO estimated that premiums for individual coverage could rise by as much as 13 percent.

This tax also might be disruptive to policyholders, because it could damage the ability of health plans to deliver all the benefits that members expect.

That’s because Congress is ready to impose this health-insurance tax in 2010. That’s after families have already signed up for coverage for next year, and after small businesses have already negotiated coverage contracts.

The result? Health plans may not receive enough premium to cover the costs of the massive tax, and benefits might suffer.

Unfortunately, health plans have been demonized in the pursuit of reform. But in reality, it’s not true to claim that health plans make a lot of money; their profit margins are actually pretty small.

In 2008, private health plans made .61 billion in total profits nationally, according to Forbes magazine. The industry’s profit margin was just 2.2 percent, ranking health plans 35th out of 53 industries in terms of profitability.

As the president and CEO of SantaFe HealthCare — the parent company of AvMed Health Plans — I am truly concerned by this proposed tax. As one of Florida’s oldest and largest nonprofit health plans, AvMed reinvests its earnings each year to continually improve on the benefits and services it offers to members in Orlando and elsewhere.

Obviously, a health-insurance tax that wipes out most of our annual earnings is counterproductive to our mission. Surely, congressional leaders must grasp that this tax doesn’t make sense.

There are better ways to pay for the systemic health-care reform that AvMed and other health plans support.

Instead of taxing health insurance, Congress should focus on the underlying costs of medical care. We can achieve huge cost savings by ending unnecessary treatments and services, rooting out rampant fraud and ending frivolous medical lawsuits filed by trial lawyers.

Health reform shouldn’t hurt Florida’s families and small businesses. It shouldn’t hamper the ability of health plans to provide benefits.

Time’s running out.

Please contact your congressional representative and Florida’s two senators today. Ask them to vote against this harmful health-insurance tax. We can achieve true, lasting reform in better ways.

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