The Benefits of Being a Good Driver on your California Auto Insurance

To be able to achieve the best California auto insurance rates, there are a few things you should try to maintain.  First, if you are a student, you should try to keep your grades up.  Your parents undoubtedly encourage this, but good grades do more than show off your academic ability—it can also result in qualifying for the good student discount and saving hundreds of dollars every year.  Another way to keep your insurance costs low is to have a safe car.  If you have an alarm system, on-star or other safety features, your insurance will be discounted.

An aspect that you have full control over is your driving habits. Good drivers experience the best priced policies in the state.  Did you know that a flawed driving record can result in premiums that cost 20% more than good driving records?  If you lose your good driver status, there will be fewer chances to find California auto insurance priced right for you.  This means you can appreciate great benefits if you strive to keep your driving record clean.

First, with the passing of Proposition 103 in California, all California auto insurance companies must accept motorists who apply for insurance if they qualify as good drivers.  This means if you are a good driver, you have your choice of just about any company in the state you want to obtain insurance from.

A flawed driving record can come about from a few different things.  General good driver qualifications include no more than a single moving violation or at-fault car accident in the past three years.  If a person has been convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol within the past ten years, they cannot qualify as a good driver.  The final consideration is that the driver must have been continuously licensed for the past three years.  This means that young drivers cannot qualify for California auto insurance as a good driver because they have not proven themselves yet.

If you qualify for all of the above mentioned qualifications of being a good driver in California, you can relax and know you will be offered the most prime rates of all drivers in the state.  Keep your record clean by obeying the law and maintaining a watchful eye on the road.  The benefits could include significant yearly savings on your California auto insurance policy since you have proven yourself to be a safe driver rather than one who causes accidents that endanger others.

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