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The state of California requires all car owners to have auto insurance for licensing, registration and operating a vehicle. Purchasing auto insurance with adequate coverage at the lowest price can be difficult.

With many preferred insurance carriers, California Auto Insurance searches and gets quotes for each consumer because the types of freight companies can be very difficult to deal with on your own. Insurance rates are based on the experience of past losses and expenses. These can be very different for each insurance company, even within a given town, city or metropolitan area. To make insurance shopping an easier experience fill out some basic information on a single form to get car insurance quotes from multiple agents instead of one carrier. The right California Auto Insurance agents can help you get the best coverage at the best price. So take some time to shop before you buy. You can save money and get better coverages by finding the right agent.

The required auto insurance coverage in California includes:

Bodily injury coverage with a minimum of $ 15,000 for an individual and $ 30,000 for all persons in any accident.
Property damage liability with a minimum of $ 5,000. This pays for damage to property of others.

Shop Around for Auto Insurance. You may not realize it, but the insurance rates you pay for on your car can vary greatly depend on the company that you choose. You should always compare before deciding on a policy. California also has what’s known as the California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program. This program helps reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road, providing low-income good drivers with affordable auto insurance options. Qualifications are based on household income, good driving record and the value of the vehicle at the time of purchase. Here are some examples of what determines the cost of your auto insurance premium.

Type of vehicle – car insurance is more expensive for newer cars, because it costs more to repair or replace. Car insurance varies from car to car, so before buying or leasing a new vehicle, check to see how much the car insurance will cost.
Use – The more miles you drive, the more your insurance will cost.
Deductibles – You can increase your deductible to reduce your auto insurance costs, but make sure it is financially viable and the right decision.
Driving record – Many companies offer discounts on auto insurance for consumers without accidents and violations. Drive safely and pay less on your auto insurance.
Multi-Policy Discount – Some insurance companies offer a discount to consumers who purchase both auto insurance and home insurance from them. This also makes it easier for you to have one insurance agent to work with.
Group Discount- Some companies have discounts available if you are a part of a specific group- for example, the employer, association, occupation, etc. Be sure to ask your California Auto Insurance agent about group discounts.
Good student – Teenage drivers on your policy can increase your auto insurance rates. If the teen is a good student, most companies offer a discount on your auto insurance.
Restraint systems and anti-theft devices – Many companies offer a discount on your auto insurance if your car is equipped with safety devices, such as certain anti-lock brakes, air bags, anti-theft and / or vehicle recovery systems.

We at California Auto Insurance are providing excellent service, coverage and prices for all your insurance needs. We are dedicated insurance experts in all lines of insurance products. We have over 10 years of insurance experience and provide excellent protection from the nation’s top carriers.

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