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Another useful tip is to ask for higher deductibles. What are deductibles? Deductibles are what you usually pay before your car insurance policy kicks in. Asking for higher deductibles will lower your costs tremendously. On a cautious note, before settling on a higher deductible, be sure that you have enough money set aside, just in case you have a claim.

Finally, don’t forget that no matter how good the auto insurance company looks and even if the premium or monthly insurance rate fits in your budget if the auto insurance provider doesn’t meet your needs as a potential customer, then they really don’t deserve your business. Customer service means a lot nowadays so if it takes 30 minutes to speak to an insurance representative, or if you are unable to access your auto insurance policy or account online due to constant computer problems then it may not be worth the time and aggravation even if the insurance rates really are the cheapest.

Always try to maintain a good credit record. This assists in fetching you a good insurance policy for most often insurers use the person’s credit information to rate auto insurance policies.

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Switch drivers – For married couples, compare insurance quotes between the male as the main driver and the female as the main driver. You may get a lower quote if the female is insured on a truck and the male is insured on the minivan. Teens should also be insured on safer cars such as the family sedan, rather than a sports car.

Most insurers surcharge premiums if the commute to work exceeds 3 miles. Carpooling with a co-worker may result in a discount for low-mileage use.

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Air bag technology has become more advanced, with sensors that deploy air bags based on the weight of the occupant, reducing air-bag-related injuries. Some new cars also have side air bags in the seats or door frame that offer better protection.

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