Vehicle Insurance vs. Courier Insurance

Article by Eric Token

When running a courier business, it is almost certain that you use a vehicle – or several vehicles – as part of your business operations. Those vehicles include trucks, vans, cars, and even motorcycles, and they are all very crucial to the smooth operation of a courier company. Having one or more of your armada not operational will surely do great damage to your business operations, and it will be something you would want to fix as soon as possible.

It is only natural that these vehicles are insured, with standard vehicle insurance, but many courier companies still think that vehicle insurances are enough. Some even think that vehicle insurance and courier insurance are the same, or at least provide the same benefits. The fact is, both insurances give different benefits under different circumstances, and it is important for a courier company to have vehicle insurance as well as courier insurance to support their business.

Combining vehicle insurance and courier insurance is not a hard job to do. Vehicle insurance will provide protection and coverage to your courier fleet. This will ensure your company’s smooth operation by providing fast repairs and repair expense coverage should any of your vehicles be damaged or rendered not operational. This way, you can save both time and money, and your business operations will run almost as if you are fully operational. Courier insurance, on the other hand, provides coverage for goods and packages shipped through your courier business as well.

Your customer’s goods in transit will be fully protected should anything go wrong. Some courier insurances even provide coverage against damage caused by accidents, force majeure, and loss of items in transit. Combining the two insurance solutions can help you run your courier business in a better manner and avoid any unnecessary problems in the future.

There are some tips you can use if you are planning to combine vehicle insurance and courier insurance. You would want to seek both solutions from the same insurance company. Having the same insurance company for both your vehicle insurance and courier insurance will enable you to get far better quotes and decrease your fees, thus making the overall cost of getting these two solutions a bit lower. You will most likely get discounts as well, so the cost could end up pretty low indeed. Another good thing to do if you are planning to combine vehicle insurance and courier insurance is to assess how big your business is.

If your courier business is small or medium sized, it would be better for you to ask for monthly payments options. The overall investments of getting the two insurance solutions will still be just about the same, but paying them monthly will help you with your cash flow. Big companies could opt for a full year (or even several years) payment to increase the chance of getting discounts.

As you can see, vehicle insurance and courier insurance both have their own purposes and it would be best to combine the two insurance solutions to gain more benefits and ensure your courier company’s smooth operation.

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