What is Home Property Insurance

Home Property Insurance

Home property insurance is insurance that offers protection for your home, whether it is an apartment, a condominium, or a house.

A comprehensive home property insurance policy pays for the cost of damages to the actual structure of your house. Aside from that, home property insurance also covers the contents of your dwelling. In case of a disaster, the replacement costs of lost or damage house contents might be expensive and are much more than most people care to expect. Therefore, when you decide to purchase home property insurance, make sure that it includes content coverage and replacement cost coverage.

Types of coverage you should get for your home property insurance

Home property insurance coverage provides liability coverage in case of an injury to someone arising from negligence within the boundaries of your property. In this way, home property insurance can pay for the cost of a lawsuit and other legal fees should that someone decides to sue you to court. Liability coverage is not a government-mandated requirement for home property insurance but it might just be your last line of defense from lucrative lawsuits against you.

When applying for a mortgage, home property insurance is required by lenders. If you rent, however, you may not know this fact about home property insurance. Yet, it is always a good idea to budget for home owner insurance even though you are renting an apartment. Catastrophes such as fires and floods may damage your apartment and furnishings and the cost for the replacement might be too expensive. Home property insurance for renters is the answer to your coverage needs.

Title insurance is also a good way of securing your home. Having title insurance protects you from losses should problems arise with the property title after closing the sale. Title home property insurance provides coverage for all costs associated with fixing a title problem, including lawyers’ bills and other legal fees.

Standard perils covered by your home insurance

When talking about “perils” in home property insurance, the word usually refers to the ways and means by which damage occurs. Most insurers have listings of standard perils that they commonly consider for their home property insurance policies. The first and most common peril covered by home property insurance is fire and lightning damage. Other home property insurance perils include theft, volcanic eruption, falling object, and weight of ice, snow or sleet. Home property insurance also covers floods caused by problems with the plumbing, heating, air conditioning or automatic fire-protective sprinkler system.

Special types of home property insurance include coverage for explosion, riot or civil commotion, damage by aircraft, damage by vehicles, and vandalism. Home property insurance may also pay for damages from faulty water system, smoke, windstorm or hail, freezing of plumbing system, and artificially generated electrical current.

These types of coverage in home property insurance may be purchased individually or by package. To save on your expenses, it is better to purchase an all-peril home property insurance policy. If you want coverage for disasters that are not outlined above, you may be able to get special home property insurance packages from specialty companies. These special home property insurance packages include coverage for terrorism, kidnapping, and the like.

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